World War Games & Massive Military Drills; Countries Threaten Posture & Practice Nuclear Strikes


The US and South Korea are set to begin their largest ever joint military exercises amid high tensions on the Korean peninsula. More than 300000 South Korean …



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  1. Rge Ctvla says:

    end this evil corrupt world. I just want to leave from this world. to much talking, not enough doing. start the war already so that Jesus Christ can bring peace and love.

  2. Sharon Davis says:

    Thank you Spiro, we all need to stay in formed.

  3. it's going down tonight

  4. Emo Killer says:

    Hey Spiro you have a great voice. How come your not on the radio?

  5. They are all corporations – all working together – for the banksters. Their target? Us…!

  6. You are the GO TO GUY for info and boy do I appreciate your efforts to communicate with each and every one who care about OUR BUTTS!! Love your voice too!!

  7. WOW you're cute too!!

  8. Lou Bang718 says:

    I Definitely think something big is about to happen in our near future. That's what my instinct is telling me.

  9. Analysis Regarding US-Korea Set for Biggest War Games:
    The proposed military drills are in conjunction with an attempt to do another time-loop.
    A time loop is not possible. Gold as currency is relevant. This will flip the earth.
    This is why North Korea is threatening a 'pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice'.
    The Second Coming of Jesus was February 4th, 2016.
    Second Coming of Jesus Christ – Polar Shift & Global Earthquake – Armageddon News
    Also Note: North Korea has to remain Communist or Universes, our Universe, our Earth and us (US) (Human People) shall perish/be destroyed … yada yada.

  10. Jesus is your Only Hope brothers and sisters. Trust That. God Bless from Canada.

  11. corporations Ceo of government army in the usa getting ready to wipe out us Americans with Syrian soldiers pertaining to be homeless refugees using usa tanks and other weapons because American soldiers won't wipe out their own parents grandparents brothers and sisters and friends so they have to send in Syria pretend refugees to do the job of killing us America citizens? I don't think this is true but I seen 9-11 attack with missiles heading the Twin Towers disguised as planes like the Pentagon turning out to be missiles years later …. elites can do some crazy stuff with buy off money with special effects groups and pyro personnel and dynamite specialist demolition specialist so it would not surprise me if this happens with Syrian pretend homeless people

  12. I like your sense of humour spiro

  13. pd2210 says:

    That fucken Christian hating Muslim loving nigger in the white house could care less what is going on in the world. I hope that cocksucker chokes on a chicken bone!

  14. Great report 🙂 x

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