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19 Responses

  1. ZKRAKZ ROTMG says:

    Is it going to be, *Zooms in on face* Flawless?

  2. Digit 365 says:

    only pat would decide that grocerie stores are too much because of the weather so I should get the pizza guy to do just that instead.

  3. TOMMY FRANK says:

    lexs mom said if this comment hits 100 likes and pat pins it she'll by lex a new 4head

  4. NateDog G says:

    Hey guys I'm a bout to post a live stream come check it out

  5. pat has to play zesty-bo-no-shima

  6. Ozxe Game says:

    I've Ben a sub sens 2010

  7. why would you do trivia when you don't know that the chat could go to Google and look it up.

  8. 1,336,666
    Pat is Illuminati

  9. Compton, CA says:

    Pat: "Sore-ree"

    Everyone else: "Sah-ree"

  10. Anyone else notice that his character was the female from shadows of evil, with Dempsey's voice?

  11. Josiah Green says:

    If you slide you can see Jessica's legs.

  12. I love you so much pat happy Valentine's Day

  13. Dooo Da Ting says:

    I liked simply because of the intro XD.

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