World War I: Battle Of Verdun 3/4


The Battle of Verdun through June 1916, with a brief look at the civilian life in France at the time.


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  1. In wars, those who die won't suffer.  The real suffering is for those who survive the war.  Fuck all war mongers and fuck all war makers and fuck all those who benefit or make money from wars and bloodshed.   All of them will some day burn for eternity in Hell from which there is no escape.

  2. And I hope we don't have another war…

  3. And I hope we don't have another war…

  4. J. says:

    War. What is it good for? absolutely nothing….


  6. SVAFnemesis says:

    That German balloon tho

  7. byr hakeim says:

    The question is are you so disposable that you could do anything ?

  8. 5Mariner says:

    5:20 Lucky Bastard

  9. valar says:

    "Humanity is mad. It must be mad to do what it is doing." The French soldier who wrote this at Verdun did not say, "The Germans are mad." WWI marked a major shift in the perception of X or Y country as an enemy to all humans as complicit in the destruction. Such thoughts had always been expressed, of course, but never on such a scale, in an age when one man's experiences could be communicated to everyone.

  10. valar says:

    It's also a positive sign of how war is less acceptable today. Partly because of WWI itself.

  11. ultrajn25 says:

    War is essentially some disgruntled rich men getting thier poor people to fight the poor people of some rich dude in a different country.

  12. ultrajn25 says:

    mm no but the Germans had no other choice. They had Russians on the east and the French on the West. So, they attcked first, like Napoleon. But it was the French who declared war on Germany first (just because they had a silly treaty with the Tsar). But in general, all the countries wanted war(French wanted Alsace and Lorrain back, Germans wanted the French out of the way, Russians hated the Austrians and Austrians didn't like the Serbs) All thought they could gain from this. So it dragged on.

  13. Have a better "system" ?

  14. Wanna Taliban on your soil?

  15. Like during II WW. Did ACTUALLY France attack Germany? Or did England?

  16. ultrajn25 says:

    actually Germany did not start the war. Austria delcared war on Serbia so the Serbian allies Russia declared war on Austria, Austrian allies Germany declared war on Russia and then the Russian allies the French and the British declared war on Germany. So it is hard to pin the blame on anyone. Given the geographic situation of Germany, they had no choice but to invade.

  17. one or two norwegian fought on german side….many more norwegians trained frencch soldiers in the sport of skiing,,,,to help them rescue soldiers.

  18. Excellent documentary.

  19. boss180888 says:

    not so. if the french turned around they would lose their liberty/sovereignty, whereas the german would not, unless the french followed them all the way into germany.

  20. Read more about this war dumb ass.
    !. Why did it start.
    2. See 1.
    3. Read what Halo4lyf had to say.

  21. No. The problem is actually our system : at the WWI, 20 people maximum decided to kill 10 000 000 young men…

  22. bce5150 says:

    What difference does it make? What soil is theirs? Petty facile semantics.

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