World War I Foot Soldier – The Ordinary Soldiers who Fought in this Global War


World War I Foot Soldier is a gripping take a look at the ordinary soldiers who fought in this global war. Enter into the trenches together with the Kaiser’s soldiers, and stand next to the French and English infantrymen who opposed them. And march with the American “doughboys” as they lastly went into the dispute.
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37 Responses

  1. Canada , India , Carib / W-Indies , Italy , Not to mention all the colonial forces from Africa & Asia . Thus , this programme is typical Murkin bollox !

  2. Me here says:

    Did you see the list of top ten battles – number one The Ardennes. Aw man these yanks and their history. LOL…

  3. sounded like fucking funny video

  4. keroji s says:

    american crap media.

  5. Hicchy Hicch says:

    sooo the name Hans comes from Huns? LOL this is comedy more than documentary

  6. Theres 1 more country that was from the Axis side.Ottoman Empire.That thing which everyone hates the name of it.But it was in WW1 and you just used bloody muricans to cover your ass.I hope that americans will f*ck themself with their new wall.Because they send like 10 soldier to WW1.And by the way Greece,Ottoman Empire,Canadian Army and New Zealand was in the war.Go learn the real war.The English and American fake war stories made you like them.

  7. joshlittle40 says:

    This American narrator is a playful soul with no knowledge of honor in war let this civilian be

  8. Pranay says:

    They called them the rainbow army, because they came at the end of the storm.

  9. Are all American documentaries this biased and shit.

  10. Evan n says:

    This is terrible, this isn't history

  11. 2 mins in.. already i deemed this as worst and unreliable documentary

  12. Luis Ramos says:

    What you made you destroyed it with the stupid attempts at humor. The balloons with nonsensical comments. Your wearing a uniform badly as one of your puttees came off while moving. Before you put equipment learn to use it and don it correctly! I give you a 1. On a scale of 1 (bad) to 100 (great).

  13. this is a good reason why actors should NOT do historical films

  14. the americans are what made the germans decide to quit the war…according to the germans themselves…just saying…

  15. America ? in WWI? every educated fellow knows america didnt do anything,Serbs,Brits and Frenchies did most of the work,America dropped 5 or six people and thats it,now they brag? America,and ignorant fuckhoist of a country as always

  16. Compact Jam says:

    WWI was not fought by American dougboys. They only served in one major offensive at St Michel that they screwed up from start to finish. They had no impact whatsoever on the wary in military terms and were regarded by the Germans as vulnerable rookies. In comparison Canadian troops were regarded as elite troops simply by virtue of their nationality. In one incident a single Canadian division was relocated causing the Germans to reassing five divisions to counter their presence. More of the AEF died in training than on the front due to an influenza outbreak that ravaged both belligerant and peaceable nations alike. This is more American fantasy and stolen valour.

  17. 19:33 Holy crap! A real live 5th Regiment Marine!

  18. This is crap because the History Channel has forgotten how to do proper history documentaries. They've spent too much time doing shows about pawn shops, reality shows and going through other people's garbage.

  19. SGT_ Bagel says:

    Oh so you name Australia as a contribution to the war effort but not New Zealand, Yeah because we totally did nothing at all!

  20. A not perfect but entertainingly informative delivery. A similar formula incorporated in the later "Mail Call" series.

  21. We played a short role but a sounding effect halting the Germans from taking paris

  22. Mr Bidon says:

    Hey, USA. You can't just change history to fit your will. Yes, you entered the war after passively watching major countries slaughter each other for 3 years. Yes, your contribution to the war was WAY smaller than you claim. Oh, WAIT ! You didn't do the same thing after the next world war, did you?

  23. No mention of Canada, Romanian, New Zealand, India, Greece.
    Oh, but you didn't forget America, did you?

  24. Radirax says:

    soldiers lived in camps behind trenches why do people think other wise?

  25. Evan A says:

    yeah i guess canada didnt do enough to even make it on the countries list? not like German soldiers were terrified of canadians or not like canadians were the first to figure out how to survive a gas attack

  26. We came from all over the world, so many of us thinking this war would be our right of passage. Our great adventure, Instead of adventure, we found fear(Battlefield 1)

  27. They push.
    We push.
    Every once in a while, we push hard enough that the light breaks through the clouds,
    so the world beyond the war glimmers… Just out of reach.

    The War is the world.
    And the World is the war.
    But behind every gunsight, is a human being.
    We are those people.
    We are the Jaded. We are the Naive.
    We are the Honorable, and the Criminal.
    We are the bound for Legend, and the Lost to History.
    We are the Knights of the Sky, the Ghosts in the Desert, and the Rats in the mud.
    These are our stories. (Battlefield 1)

  28. John Jones says:

    the entire time this documentary keeps going,you can hear all the fallen soldiers turning in their graves.

  29. tiggergolah says:

    Who chose the music for this, and the cartoon sound effects?

  30. thefallen819 says:

    hi! im Al Borland and tooday on tool time we are going to fuck shit up!!!! first thing that came to mind wen i saw Richard Karn with the helmet and gun lol

  31. filip ao says:

    What the heck is this?!

  32. Cali Méro says:

    3:16: WTF is that list of battle ?
    Are you so ignorant ?

  33. Oh yeah! It was sooo awesome! Die of dysentery and eat the dead- be a happy killer man!

  34. why is there never emphasis on the the war waged in africa and asia also on the colonial soliders which out numbers at times these western soldiers. which the war wouldn't have been won without. eg the over 1.7 million Indian troops which fought on ALL theatres of the war. also the black and far east asian soliders which fought on both sides

  35. Who ever produced this disrespectful garbage needs to be put in a trench in the rain and cold for 6 months strait. Have them shot at every day, pour thousands of rats into the bunker with them at night, forced to eat dog food, never allowed to wash, toss rotting carcass of live stock every 2 feet, set off very loud explosions at random times and then ask them to reevaluate there thought process for disrespecting the fallen.

  36. frank h says:

    Back when the History Channel had programs about History.

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