World War I in Color & HD Episode 3 Blood in the Air




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  1. Nostogi says:

    What is the name of the song playing at 22:50?

  2. What the fuck is he saying at 20:10??

  3. Leo Gonzalez says:

    What is the name if the intro theme its beautiful!?? Sounds like something from audiomachine?

  4. The Red Baron was a prick. He sent his whole squad down on the enemy while he stayed up and watched. When he saw a crippled plane or someone off on their own he swooped down and finished them off. The German scoring system only required 1 other person to see it. Allied scoring required 3. The Canadian Billy Bishop probably shot down more but wasn't credited due that system. Still brave men all around.

  5. SNIPER ELITE says:

    17,000 feet flying height? Without any additional oxygen?

  6. They convicted pilots to death by sending them in the air  without parachute. Well that is the purpose of a war though  : people to die. So they have succeeded on this.

  7. To survive a War, You gotta become War.

  8. Ben Thompson says:

    love your work mate keep it up

  9. What a video, Absolute beauty

  10. Macca 95 says:

    20:11 and click subtitles

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