World War II, A War for Resources: Crash Course World History #220


In which John Green teaches you about World War II, and some of the causes behind the war. In a lot of ways, WWII was about resources, and especially about …


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  1. Michał A says:

    Hitler had to attack Soviet Union when he had superiority, if he had wait then Soviet Union would blitzkrieg Germany
    Not only Mongols but also Commonwealth conquered Russia in 1612

  2. Dr. Jam says:

    The UK is ONE country!

  3. 3 separate countiers

  4. XD World war two is never a war of Good vs Evil, unless you count the differing perspectives.

    for instance: Hitler did not believe the allies were the good guys, right? No, and if he did, I would question my philosophical views.

    A war for resources makes MUCH more sense.

  5. Tuxedo Pig says:

    Damn your making me hungry.

  6. Excellent, as always.
    Only one point I don't agree with.
    WW2 was not a war of 'good' vs. 'evil'.
    It is more accurate to say that it was a war between 'evil' and 'pure mega-evil'.
    The western Allies fought for the status quo of their system of colonialism, the exploitation of a billion people for the benefits of the controlling power, hardly a good cause.
    And Stalin's SU, …weeeelll….commentary superfluous.

  7. Any way someone gives me reference for the passage when he says: "But in China, where the corrupt nationalist army was known to sell rice to Japanese for profit, a famine in Guangdong claimed the lives of as many as 1.5 million peasants." at 06:53
    Thank you in advance !

  8. Link DaHero says:

    "good vs evil" Ha, the Allies did the same things axis did in ww2.

  9. for a small country like us Britain we did very well

  10. Hugo Dignoes says:

    The Hunger plan was written by Herbert Backe, alongside his secretary Hans-Joachim Riecke. Just a minor mistake.

  11. dorflam says:

    we are not 4 separate countries we are 1 united country!

  12. 2:51 guy looking not metaphorically into the barrel of a gun…

  13. LIL TANG says:

    This guy and his Mongols…….

  14. Danny Smith says:

    Where do you but the poster? How much is it?

  15. The Second World War was a war between evil and evil. No side can claim moral or ideological superiority.

    Remember, had Hitler won the war, we would be taught that the war was one between good and evil, but the 'good' would be Nazi Germany.

  16. Snakebloke says:

    BRITAIN is NOT a country! We're four SEPARATE count…ahh f**k it…I don't even really care…

    Where's my white bread at..?

  17. REV says:

    Athenian School

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