World War II in HD Colour Episode 2 Lightning War


The Germans develop a new military tactic known as Blitzkrieg. . For more videos World War II – Lightning – Discovery Channel (Full Documentary) World War II …


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  1. In the very beginning of this film it talks about Germany having soldiers dressed as Polish soldiers and attacking a radio station and by much research we've come to learn that is a lie that has been spread since the beginning of the war.  With much research into WWII, one will learn of many lies told by Britain, the US and Russia in order to cover up their involvement in WWII.

  2. fav episode german warfare blitz war.

  3. In 1941 Germany's Military invaded the USSR.

    Germany's defeat was now inevitable as the country faced a long war of attrition against the might of both the British Empire and Soviet Russia.

  4. Tim Thurston says:

    anyone know if these episodes are available on dvd in the U.S?

  5. can anyone explain me how they were able to get this footage in color if the first color TV came out in the 1950s?

  6. Miro Jurgec says:

    zgubil i ima nas još

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