World War II Part 1: Crash Course US History #35


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  1. The island was already named midway dipshit

  2. Mlp Insanity says:

    ..and Hitler is why i hate to say; "I'm German." ;3;

  3. Ali Jiwani says:

    Japanese never surrendered because of their culture. They have the samurai spirit which makes them commit suicide rather then surrender.

  4. Bwitiye says:

    "Fight against Nazis" "Rommel" Somethings not right.

  5. Jon Larson says:

    I know this is getting older now, but having just seen this, thank you for talking and discussing historical empathy at the end of this video. I believe very strongly that is what we should be teaching and try to have my students understand that when they learn.

  6. Simon Huskey says:

    I hate to say this but it's Hitler's birthday.

  7. What part did Chicago play in the Manhattan project? I thought that the innards were made in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and the outer shell was made somewhere in New Mexico. Where did Chicago come from?

  8. Wait, Canadians were also in WWII?

  9. Ryan Malla says:

    TF2 references galore :)

  10. Naman Goyal says:

    that ending was deeep

  11. John: "I'm not a worrier at all."
    Me: "John, you're a WORDier."

    I'm sorry. I need to stop and reevaluate my life.

  12. 8:39 why don't they have shadows? 0.0

  13. Tony England says:

    Let's call a spade a spade. The United States was, by a long way, the
    single most cowardly country in the whole of World War Two. If Japan
    hadn't attacked the USA first, America would have hidden from the entire
    And then this cowardly nation runs around for 70 years patting each other on the back and inventing phrases like "You'd be speaking German now if it wasn't for us" and "we saved your ass in WW" like they were the biggest heroes of the war.
    Americans should be ashamed of their role in the war, not boasting about it.

  14. Koala Banana says:

    It's strange how he always refers the the USA as "us" or "our" or "we". A very American thing, to believe their own person represents their entre country and the actions of it in the past are a component of the Americans identity. It creates an odd "us versus them" kind of thing and makes it hard to believe he's not biased, despite what he's ACTUALLY saying

  15. Kiara Masso says:

    Shoutout to everyone cramming for the APUSH exam Friday!

  16. I live in Rhode Island and we still celebrate Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day) on August 8th….. Why I don't know.

  17. Kenny Liu says:

    Who's watching this the day before the APUSH test LOL

  18. why no one ever mention greeks? we fought for a year with very limited army

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