World War II: The Complete History Episode 03of13


World War II: The Complete History 03of13 episode ” The war was not ” During the five weeks , ” the phony war ” , after the overthrow of Poland , Great Britain and …


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  1. JianH Lei says:

    Wow, I love these documentaries in full depth. Thanks for the upload!

  2. Excellent documentary. Thank you.

  3. Awesome…..and thanks for up loading with close caption

  4. Ian Rupert says:

    If France had half the balls Finland did at the time,…..This might be a much shorter documentary! 

  5. daaaaaaaamn….. they sold poor Neville chamberlain down the river …. he did exactly what EVERYONE wanted him to do! and got kicked in the marbles!!!!!!

  6. When are japan and usa going to appear

  7. Thank you for putting this documentary on.. This is the best one on world war 2 I've seen.. I love that it explained how and why it started, most of the documentaries I've seen only show after the war was in full effect.. Thank you

  8. Odin Hove says:

    damn finland is badass

  9. il/arb/shqip says:

    how old is this documentary?

  10. 444suse says:

    Finnish-Russo Winter War military casualties: Soviet Union 167 976 deceased soldiers, Finland 25 640; total almost 194 000. More bloody than Battle of France. Bloodiest event before Operation Barbarossa.

  11. 444suse says:

    Phillips Payson O'Brien has mostly debunked the common claim of land battles been most vital thing of WW2. Actually as production figures of USA, British Commonwealth, German and Japan are suggesting – most of investments went to air-sea warfare and armies got just 15-30% of all money and resources. For instance Germans used only 4-8% of resources for all AFV. In 1942 just 4% and in 1944 maximum 7.8%. Americans invested hardly more than 3-5% including armoured vehicles too. Air Force was always priority, armies got just small slice of budgets.

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