World War III AMV

9 Creator Alin-kun Anime used: Future War 198X-nen Editing Software: Sony Vegas 12.


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  1. daltex81 says:

    music sounds like linkin park

  2. Alin kun says:

    Sorry i can not tell you because i don't have it anymore and i can't rembember the name of the song

  3. What anime is that?

  4. Garo Yuri says:

    what is name of anime ??

  5. Where did you downloaded this anime? I cant find any links

  6. It is a Linkin Park song in Midi format.

  7. Back when anime had adult men fighting wars in cool looking realistic tanks and planes. Nowadays cute moe animu girls piloting mechas soloing a whole army while fighting monsters at the same time, then taking baths in hot springs and no one dying at the end.

  8. Killer Orca says:

    Oh that 80s animation…

  9. Ba Vo says:

    That's some old day anime

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