World War III ? – China will exterminate USA ? – The end of the world ?



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  1. dyaakov says:

    americans need always an enemy, u guys should go to find some aliens to fight

  2. Why the U.S.A. ? Why not some where else? Russia? It is larger, closer, and has lots of oil. Or what about all of the countries in South America? So, my question to you is, out of all the land in the world, why the U.S.A?

  3. What about India? Your neighbor, aren't they in the same boat you guys are in? But the bad thing is, you two are neighbors. Pretty soon they are going to surpass China in population. They are also running out of resources and room. As China builds up its military, India does as well. India was recently named the World's Number One Arms Importer. India is also skilled in Biological Warfare.

    China and India will duke it out way before China and the U.S. The victory will be exhausted.

  4. HorChild says:

    Can't read – fonts are too big!! Chineese Scientists already confirmed that they came from Black people!!

    Yes – Black people are the ORIGINAL MAN!!! God's original creation!!!!

  5. @HorChild
    You're wrong!
    We are coming from the aliens!

    The petro dollar will end the world long before the weather does! 300 Americans owning the same amount of wealth that 80 million of the poorest Americans do, is far more concern than some rain and earthquakes. It is a far greater danger to human existence.
    Understand that an even distribution of wealth around the world and other larger more evolved civilizations coming to full potential and therefore America isn't top dog anymore, doesn't equate to the end of the world. Just a change in the world. For the better.
    If only the average American brain was as big as the average American arse. They'd stop putting shite like this on the internet.

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