World War III: How it may happen (How to make people mad)


mimes wet .



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  1. Paul Carson says:

    It will be funny when Russia bombs us then we bomb them back

  2. funnest video ever seen

  3. Its wonder that u know that, how world war3 is started, how it ends and also who will win it.The thing missing in this video is the date of starting and ending of please say the dates to us

  4. dude man21 says:

    Russia is allies with china

  5. POOFY MAN says:

    LOL. Japan wouldn't join forces with China considering Japan is in NATO.

  6. Jack Bryson says:

    But Dank memes tho

  7. Xenien R says:

    Turkey already in NATO…

  8. Giclee101 says:

    why is Tasmania not with NATO?

  9. Kevin Paul says:

    Yer fuckin stupid!

  10. crap…… pakistan takes all over india??????? loooooolllllllllllllllllll

  11. Euan Heapes says:

    So in ww3 only 2 nukes r used… Errrr good one mate ???

  12. This Video Reminds me of how World War 2 Was America & Russia vs Germany & Japan. This Video means America and Russia Fight off the Axis Powers.

  13. Jorge Gomez says:

    Mexico will never join, they will risk all their resources, it would be stupid to attack US. We have more and stronger troops

  14. Jorge Gomez says:

    Russia will most likely join China and North Korea. The US will probably be a big and first target

  15. Jorge Gomez says:

    This bs Japan would never join us

  16. Jorge Gomez says:

    China won't do a thing to Russia compared to their military size

  17. Jorge Gomez says:

    Indonesia would have been taken by now

  18. Jorge Gomez says:

    Indonesia would have been taken by now

  19. Jorge Gomez says:

    It's stupid how South America hasn't been attacked, clearly some countries should have been taken over by now

  20. Jorge Gomez says:

    The only thing I believe about this video is England becoming a world power

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