World War III Inevitable


It ‘ s amazing what the Obama administration will do to fulfill the desire of the Vatican for a New World Order . This includes engaging Russia in a war !


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  1. Bill Blakely says:

    Steven; This is off-topic, but have you watched the video; "Isachar Insight with Chuck Missler and Barry Sutterfield" ?
    It literally rectifies the controversy between the Genesis creation and our current science.
    It is kind of deep, but it is understandable, and is based on modern physics discoveries.

  2. radroofer says:

    Brother Steven, about nine years ago I had a vission. In it I was told to look up a verse in the bible. The verse does not exist but in the vission I read "Beware oh thou great eagle! For if thou killest my children, I will smite thee down in one hour." I was then told that the great eagle is the united states and the children are the millions of babies that are slaughtered here by abortion. Then I was told (in the vission) that GOD would use Russia's bombs to smite us down if we didn't repent. It's looking like He is going to make good on that judgement.

  3. How is attacking an entire group like the catholic church benefit anything ? Even if it's true, with its many false idols, scum bag pope of today ( false prophet ), your doing the same as those that sent the Jews into gas chambers for being in banking and exports ect, being successful.. How the heck can you paint an entire group with a broad brush like this ? Like the racist do with the black people ? When many catholic people throughout history, despite the many issues with the church, served God daily or donated money or became christians at first because of the church. Many catholic people believe Jesus is Christ, let Jesus be the Judge. He judges those on understanding, he searches the heart & soul for the truth in ones actions and goals. ( not sure he wants people making money, serving mammon, off the service of teaching about him indeed ). Like the money changers in the temple of his day.

    The catholic church is broken indeed in many, many ways, but many things are broken in a world run by satan. Look toward the illuminati / masons. And attacking catholics for every ill of the Jews in history is madness. The bible clearly states many, many, many times the Jews are under persecution because they have not followed Gods commandments. Biblical fact. Blame him, because he said he is harshest on those he loves, ( the Jewish people ), because they are his people. But you continue to slap him in the face, by not believing in Jesus. Look in the mirror, look in the Bible, you should be spending every second in the ( New Testament ), that's the answer & the key. Israel is about to get overrun ! Why ? Because they do not believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. They are gonna get run over now because of this, biblical fact. And when they finally call out & repent, in the very, very, very end only a few are going to be saved.

    Forget the Old Testament, important yes, ten commandments ect, but your energy should be on the New Testament, stop attacking others & focus on the truth of Jesus & his teaching. Attack the fools about to do the temple sacrifice, it's not being stopped, but focus on bringing people to Jesus, quoting New Testament wisdom straight from Jesus mouth who spoke it in Israel 2,000 years ago !!! Again, Israel is not about to get slapped around and pillaged if for no other reason except they still deny ( Jesus ). Biblical fact. The only truth in this corrupted world (2015) with every single country with sin piled to heaven, is the Bible & the New Testament. Every one is " blind " who can't see these as truth & are without the Holy Spirit.

    Attack netanyahu for being a corrupt 33º mason, attack the sin in tel aviv, attack the sin the Jewish brothers do in hollywood via movies & music exporting satans works every minute of every day, attack the Jewish brothers in banking using God given wisdom not for promoting his son and changing this world for the better, but serving demons, mammon ….. Disgusting in this hypocrisy, never once herd a Jewish person stand up against these brothers serving satan daily.  Not only serving him, running industries farming this shit out across the globe corrupting children. And the cathoilc church gets attacked ???? While these demons run wild , laughable …… turn on the t.v. and listen to every word spoken, every killing done, selling lust, pride, all sorts of sin hundreds of stations, movies, songs…

  4. Russia's Northern Fleet reported in full combat readiness; Russian subs, and fighter jets have also been seen at sea.
    I won't say WWIII is inevitable, but why risk it?

    World War III Inevitable:

  5. Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

  6. 'Believe nothing'  so I was told by a cynical poet. Seriously? Putin is not that nuts. I hope I'm right.

    (It's called by the locals 'Donyetsk")

  7. billy38010 says:

    Obama, does not pull the Strings, he, is just the Teleprompter Reader…..Apparently, these "Are" the End Times…….Jesus, told me in a vision, recently, that he's…..tired of being,…..Mocked……and, so it goes!

  8. Ron Kinard says:

    All the battles once thought fought for "Christianity" were so wrong, it was all for "The Church"! The "church" a/k/a "Catholics" are NOT for Jesus so you can quit blaming CHRISTians for it all, there are so few of us compared to the rest of the world! Each day is another day closer… For those that don't believe in Jesus Christ they sure are pushing for His return! It won't be long now, are you ready? Give your life to Jesus while you still can and before it's too late!~Heads UP!

  9. WW3 is coming!
    Do you have your house in Order? are you right with God?
    Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life!
    Believe in Your Heart and confess with your mouth!

  10. Franck Hough says:

    Come QUICKLY, LORD Jesus!!!

  11. Judah Yehuda says:

    Thank God there is no dividing of the land!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEAAAHHH!!!! God want's BB to win! Yeheyyyy!! answered prayer! Amazing sssssssssssssooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!

  12. SpeCial K says:

    On the Brink of World War III…
    Escalating quickly.

  13. I wonder who may step in and say "peace, peace?"
    That sure would make him a popular guy…

  14. astralpx says:

    WW3 will not happen, this is my official call, look this up in the years to come. 🙂 Quantum mechanics is what forms our reality , and only a small few actually want WW3. It is not a reality or desire that has pure intent for most humans, there fore it will not manifest as such. Peace and love humans.

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