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The United States will start the third world war with China . At least that is the message of China’s hawkish government Global Times seems to enjoy pushing . War is ‘ inevitable ‘ if …


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  1. ASRANILO says:

    China dream! Lets go to China!

  2. No matter how the big the tensions are, war cannot be initiated one way or another. War would not solve anything, especially this 'WW3' you are speaking of. I believe it is either a mindless threat or simply an anger-filled masked plead for America to stop their constant pestering. The country has all the rights to be aggressive at this point. Remember how important this both countries are, their economy is not just their personal pride but the world's benefits. Both covers most reasons of progressing countries. If both were to engage in battle, it'd only prove hardcore stupidity, because if either one falls, a continent would be pulled down.

  3. Jr Tonio says:

    Soon it will sound.

  4. Xi Jinping just seems like a nice guy. Oh wait every Asian guy does

  5. The war is not with the United States of America.Obama is not gonna be the next president of the United State of America.the war is with Mexico.the wall gonna get built by china.everything gonna start in Arizona.the wall.when the wall get finished.then Mexico gonna realized that he made a pact with satan the devil.but it gonna be to late.they sing for peace.ALAT OF MEXICAN BUSINESS IN THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.


  6. Think for a few minutes.all these candidates all of them they want the wall to get built.ok who gonna BUILT the wall.china JUST SIGN with the president of Mexico a peace deal.OBAMA IS NOT GONNA BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

  7. you know… i dont like the motives or content, but you gotta give this guy some credit, he knows what he's doing and just goes for it. like fox news or a car commercial. efficient.

  8. Wilde beast says:

    Sucka Mia ding dong!

  9. every country should stick to its own and stay out of each others business..

  10. Epsilon says:

    Don't worry it's chinese media, it's all bulshit. But if it do happens, don't worry it's just China guys 😛 anyway, they're the ones who are destroying the environment, they cause almost tons of pollution, destroy reefs (just as 1 youtuber commented on this post) in the West Philippine sea. "China is a resolute force for maintaining regional peace" total bullshit, how can there be peace if they're the ones causing tensions in the west Philippine sea? claiming parts territories which are very far from their mainland and near from other countries. These idiots have no respect for other people. They call themselves "the center of the world" more like the center of all bullshits.

  11. 2:14 I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going

  12. GC83 says:

    After the Second World War, the US-government terrorized other countries with war like Korean War (1950-1953), Vietnam War (1964-1975), Afghanistan War (since 2001), Iraque War (2003-2011). The government interferes affairs of other countries and plays world police. It's no wonder, if other countries hate USA as they guess that USA are the warmonger. The greatest warmonger is George W. Bush jr. His father is as bad as well.

  13. Keiko Tunoda says:

    China-Russia has more nukes than USA. so even if they have a war with USA, USA will lose.

  14. Songhai Bai says:

    it all started when England got jealous over not getting silks and teas from china …….#lol

  15. America does start more wars and conflict than the rest of the world combined

  16. Solution: dig up Nixon and sent him to China.

  17. nice guy says:

    i hope the war starts very soon. i want to see how the sleeping giant react to the G7 of the U.N acting like a boss in all the countries near to him is not good. some of the chinese are humble and nice to talk to. but now i dont think that its still the same.. they dnt follow some international rules. but patience is still in other countries. i hope china will push more of what they want on south china sea so that when everyone complains againts them surelly WWR 3 will start..

  18. Guoxiang Li says:

    I looooveeee how this video is so bias :') but that's fine, some people only want to pick on the bad things

  19. Ashwin Lama says:

    Don't mass with China USA

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