World War III Is Upon Us – Who Will Be Blamed?


With Storm Clouds Gathering : for the video if you want to start a ? war, unwashed …


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  1. 2bRealist says:

    Israeli Zionist is who I believe is to blame.. and the Israeli/USA Governments who are heavily controlled by Zionist influence.

    Look for a documentary named "The Power of Nightmares" It was an eye opener for me.

  2. Lisa Pryce says:

    we need solutions. why are these psycho's still running the show?? If we ignore them, they will eat each other. blame is not important going forward. it is time for action. we need to take back our lives.

  3. squidzkingz says:

    we are going to be part of world war 3

  4. molly clock says:

    i started off,

    wanting to see the other side,

    and still be able to communicate with those who have not.

    not long ago,

    i was given peek,

    and i knew right away,

    i was not ready.

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