World War III Kickstarter UPDATE


Last year , we asked for you to help make World War III Obama plans a reality . Now , we are happy to report … we’re almost there ! Featuring Neal Dandade …


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  1. Purple Hazer says:

    This might be joking but the truth is,
    Our world needs a world war 3, not because of economic or politicism
    But because it needs to be clean, and the best way is a ww 3, the first nation to launch the first bomb have my respect and my thanks
    Hope they hit Luxembourg first we're a small nation 1 bomb is enough to wipe the entire country ?
    After the first bomb is launch, more shall follow ;)

  2. dam it they will bomb england ? ? im 8 by the way 

  3. I notice that half African girl isn't participating in this one……also, don't forget about Ukraine.  That is the smoldering conflict that really has the potential to blow up rapidly into something horrible.  Thanks USA for sponsoring neo Nazis….

  4. Could you plz postpone WWIII for a couple of months? I really wanna play Fallout 4 before we have our own apocalyspe….thanks :-)

  5. dat niga steel nut gibs me ma Obumma fon. wish librol ass di I nut kiss? fak u obumers. fak hoep! vot Burnie mac 2015 fo reel chang.

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