World War III – Ruff Ryders – Ride or Die Vol. 2


Tugboats all about the tugboats. And yeah I just found Windows Media Maker.


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  1. Matdogg2k says:

    Young 1 went the hardest and I'm from Cali

  2. Realizing u don't scare vatos like u think u do

  3. Nigga acting like he got slot come around me and get got

  4. U cock sucking suns of bicthes.

  5. Gay D Kiss runs NY? Sicilians ignore his bitch ass because he's a nobody

  6. lilanie p. says:

    I appreciate the tugboats!

  7. BTNHFAN4LIFE says:

    I can't find the video!!! Lucky for me, I recorded it on a VHS tape when I was a kid. I have a bunch of old skill rap music that's not on YouTube

  8. uglyface123 says:

    "And da fuck with the feds dog you know I'll push the prawler to court " " jadakiss"

  9. JRLM says:

    "Tug boats" was the name of the sound swizz used from the Triton keyboard swizz was famous for  …. lol.   he didn't literally mean tugboats. 

  10. tharealezg says:

    it aint ez bein breezy . banged this when i was 16 . snoop 4 life 

  11. thowedmixa says:

    yea fuck them shiny pretty yachts, ride dirty

  12. thowedmixa says:

    whole video of tugboats to ruff rydaz haha

  13. Oskadella69 says:

    Tugboats baby all day every god dam day. Holla Back.

  14. RooZ says:

    gangstalistic boats man 😀

  15. Outlawdktm says:

    lmaoo whoever made this video is awesomeee the pics are classic tugg boats!

  16. tug boats r boss as fuck…

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