World War III – The Beginning of the End (ArmA 2 Movie)


What happens when you put three super powers against each other ? This is the beginning of the end. Russia , China and the US are at war …


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  1. Impossible, SCO will fight NATO not just 3 nations. Thats not WW. _.

  2. Dan Shifdog says:

    Lost me at "china didnt want the us help so they declared war on them" l0l that one sentence threw this entire video im so sorry lol too much. Next time have a better storyteller lmao ???

  3. That's a home front beggining cut scene

  4. David Bell says:

    North Korea, North Korea, North Korea what is this? Homefront

  5. capribrat says:

    china doesnt want free help wtf who hates free help sheesh

  6. Gmate Gaming says:

    Story is a bit off but the rest is awsome! Good job, i hope you make more! ^^

  7. Noraneko87 says:

    Nicely shot video! Storyline was iffy with PRC's random declaration of war, but hey, the point is to get the three sides in a massive battle. I'm just jealous that you got the PLA tanks working, did you use VME_PLA? ZTZ-99 always crashes my copy when it fires.

    Nice physical setup of the battle, and nice shots and music choices.

  8. why would China declare a war against U.S. just because they don't want any help? That's the most horrible reason to declare a war against another country

  9. Alif Arramzy says:

    "China Does not want the United States Help and declares war on them"
    This probably the most retarted military words but its funny

  10. Who u vote to win Ownallday?

  11. wat is that epic music cold

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