World War III: USA & INDIA vs RUSSIA & CHINA & N.KOREA Military Powers Comparison 2017


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47 Responses

  1. USA ISRAEL UK AUSTRALIA CANADA JAPAN INDIA EUROPE VS RUSSIA CHINA IRAN. Interesting!!! No thank you we want no war we all human beings should love and respect each other. but one thing my fellow YouTubers no matter what Israel will prevail!!!

  2. India won't go against Russia. Russia won't come to help China

  3. shawn wong says:

    india&USA????    what a joke!

  4. Dhiraj rai says:

    hey guys where are u. the world is not with u.

  5. Jacob Tv says:

    World without America will be Better!

  6. World War III: Russia, China, Turkey, Japanese, North Korea vs. ALL

  7. miom l says:

    i love china.from PLA?

  8. fight.. fight . let's restart this rotten world … shall a new thing begun from this end thus the end is juste the begining

  9. U videos are alwasy the old pics, music. just combined them, change the article. Time to unfollow

  10. Terry King says:

    INDIA, US, Russia Vs China, North Korea ,Pakistan….why? Everyone should get together and rid the world of Islamist.

  11. india wont go against russia, its oldest and most trusted friend

  12. diego mendez says:

    because Donald trump

  13. diego mendez says:

    USA and Russia will be freiends

  14. i cant wait world war 3………..

  15. Mah Katt says:

    Indians will NEVER fight against Russia. Both countries have different aspirations now but at the core they are friends and allies.

  16. Aldion Canaj says:

    what about NATO you guys are useless even to post liars vids..

  17. Mr Win says:

    USA+Russia+India+China = world ?

  18. Guys… this dude wants to lose all his subscribers and that's why he has been uploading the same videos since the last few days. I unsubscribe

  19. Kirill Kolab says:

    You know that those numbers are all incorect? and the russia has a new hipersonic weapon that US cant defeat at the moment ? I bet you dont… You will never know the real numbers. This stuff right here is just a random numbers…

  20. next time USA & Russia vs Mozambic & Somali

  21. Why everywhere is a lot of screams about Russia. Any new US weapon is for peacemake and any new RF weapon is for conquer! Replace "US" and "RF" in newslines and the truth dosen`t change at all. Thats the formula of West propaganda. My shit is manure but his shit only stinks))

  22. INDIA & RUSSIA & CHINA & N.KOREA vs USA. That`s right indeed. First three countries constantly makes common militari exercises, common sifi projects and development of new kind of weapon. USA have no any even smallweght allies but Japan maybe. But Japan is an US another state after WW2. 50K american soldiers are still there.

  23. Bat Hell says:

    Russia vs India ? There is no power in the world which can force for Russian to fight versus Indian. About US there another thing, I tell you old story, gonna be understandable for country rely so much on power of the money's rather than power of the spirit. Centuries ago, mongols horde demand one tenth tribute from oldest Russian city – Ryazan. One tenth of everything, include womans and childrens. They short replied "When you kill last one of us, everything will be yours"

  24. sean sean says:

    WoW, India wants to beats Russia & China… India began to hate Russia after Obama went to India and met Modi

  25. 夜露死库 says:

    Honestly..USA will be winner in WW3

  26. Adam Ol Ulan says:

    Turkey Vs Germany

  27. Emre says:

    5 ülkenin gücünü aynı anda göstersene mal herif

  28. Asap 2027777 says:

    Always same videos. fuck you VSB defense. i Unsubscribe

  29. Burak İlhan says:

    why just same like "usa&india vs. russia&china&n. korea" comparisons?why not different comparisons?

  30. aye fool how many time do we gotta say to u…u dum ass admin of the channel ..afta trump in power now its gonma be USA INDIA RUSSIA & ISRAEL vs junk chinese …got it fool ass admin

  31. Antony N says:

    China and NK against rest of the world..

  32. Evyatar Mery says:

    loveee india and usa brothers from israel<3

  33. Cadan Pearce says:

    US and India wins US has 28 or even more Allies while Russia China and N.Korea only has a few allies


  35. Florenzi says:

    JAI HIND ❤

  36. Tromp is rashas frend

  37. Donald trump: we are in serious trouble because we are in a cop try with a tremendous amount of nukes" what about Russia?. If World War III starts right now, then who knows who will win or not. Tbh I think it's all because of isis, they are leading the whole world into a war that ends all of us.

  38. I love ❤ China and Russia and India and USA ❤ all my brothers

  39. Amit Mondal says:

    what happened to this Chanel only word war 3 and always puts Russia vs India ? really !

  40. James Wragg says:

    how does the naval strength work cus north korea has nothing compared to us or china for naval power when north korea has 976 naval strength compared to chinas naval strength and us naval strength between 475 and 677

  41. world war is a bad kill millions people…

  42. USA have more transport aircraft then all of russian and chinese air forces all togother

  43. I think it should be like :
    INDIA, US, Russia Vs China, North Korea ,Pakistan !

  44. Tilki Andrei says:

    India and Russia vs USA

  45. Russia, China and North Korea will surely win

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