World War III will be a cyberwar – John McAfee


Former tech CEO and cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee has been critical of America’s policy when it comes to cybersecurity, claiming the current system has …


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  1. GRiMHOLD says:

    I deleted McAfee straight way when it comes preinstalled on a PC…
    That shit is a Trojan in my opinion.

  2. Mickey O says:

    Why is he running for President? The winner of the 2016 election has already been chosen. It will either be sock puppet TweedleDee or sock puppet TweeldeDum both of which are controlled by the elite.

  3. Picasaa P says:

    He is a murderer. A perverted, self absorbed, egotistical, MURDERER. He'd be a perfect prez.

  4. "Far more devastating than any Nuclear War.." Idk if I would agree with that last bit of his sediment.

  5. pfcwar5150 says:

    Exactly!….why bomb a country when you can disrupt logistics and have the people destroy the infrastructure from within… breakdown of society …shut down power/food transport/banking/water/communication…and you will see Hell on earth here in America…..mothers will be eating their own children by the end of the week…Dogs and Cats, living together,..Mass Hysteria!!

  6. drewtube says:

    And a religious war, a racial war and hell in the western cultures even a gender war, why the architects are laughing their ass off waiting to execute the Samson option.

  7. sanesociety says:

    McAfee, Trump, and other wealthy outsiders should use their resources to establish a viable third party.

  8. Great an other fear monger…

  9. Ok I'm a little creeped with all this security I leave my car unlocked I don't worry about that kind of stuff. I think the line has been drawn in the sand.

  10. CommonSense says:

    At 6:58 How Can a Cyber-war be far more devastated than a Nuclear War.

    One of the main fear of the Nuclear war (aside instant killing of Millions) is the destruction of Clean drinking water and rendering the earth(Ground) unable to grow and produce food, that will result is unprecedented food and water shortage that will exterminate all life.

    If Cyber war is worst than that, then what is it?

  11. archivesDave says:

    Thnx John…
    Question: Why so much cyber attack activity on Lynnwood, WA of all places:

  12. Haha remember his tutorial to uninstall his antivirus? But well said, sir!! Well said!

  13. Of course they started it all. They make the reason why there are more terrorists and they keep killing and killing while making more and more terrorists.

  14. elbowbiter1 says:

    Look at this muth-fukka repRisent! That sweat shirt is Canadian! Taste our balls Americants.

  15. and who is ISIS you jerk. I wouldn't vote for you if you were the only candidate.

  16. 6655321 says:

    MR ROBOT!!! anybody?!?!?!

  17. Donovan Hall says:

    The man selling the anti virus software is telling me about the threat of cyber war. Like a honey seller preaching about the extinction of bees. Although…I'm more partial to believe the honey seller.

  18. Kane Smith says:

    I wonder who's really behind ISIS, I really doubt these terrorist have enough knowledge to run and operate a botnet.

  19. molson12oz says:

    The Internet,is that thing still around?
    Homer Simpson

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