World War III Will Kill Billions!!


Alex breaks just how bad things will get , and when the next great big war as the death toll will be in the ” billions ” http : // / shop / Help …


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  1. Too many damn people and most are bad

  2. IF? WW3 happened I would wonder how it would play out and how it will end

  3. 90% dead in September or October this year.

  4. Google Osama is Obama.

  5. Pakistan will nuke first I'm sure of it.

  6. Let the games began

  7. Sems like there is no way out!
    I ve no childs,no job,lived hardcore,hope it starts soooooon!

  8. hanrinch says:

    kill million to save billion, kill billion to ensure the value of justice and defeat the evil at all cost! human life are nothing but number in the front of absolute justice and everything can be sacrifice under its name. kill everything to ensure no evil will be left behind. all sinner will die!!

  9. Why is everyone so suprised about what Alex is saying ? People act like He just brought all this to light last week. It's been in the back of your Bible for the last 2000 years. It's not breaking news. It's says there will be wars and rumours of wars, famines, diseases, epidemics, earthquakes in diverse places, death, one world goverment, false jews, humanity will be evil……Obviously there will be a depopulation, I mean that's usually what results from war, disease, and natural disasters…… Does it specifically talk about the illuminati or the "Elite" or bilderburg or flouride in the water. No. But common sense will tell you that there has to be secret organizations operating behind the scenes in order to bring about World Government. People wouldn't openly accept the evil. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan, Satan said to him "All the kingdoms and their glory will I give to you if you fall down and worship me"…..the only way Satan could make that statement is if they were his to give. So knowing Satan is the ruler of this world, Are you really suprised all this is going on ?

  10. John Lain says:

    Disarming the American people will be the biggest, most advanced obstacle the special forces gestapo will ever encounter…period.

  11. anaki buki says:

    Los psychicos .

  12. Jerry E says:

    "Snap your finger, snap your neck!" – LMFAO!!!!!!!! At 7:00 on the video.

    I can't get that out of my head: "Snap your finger, snap your neck!" LOL!!!!!!!!!
    I'm laughing all the time now!!!! "Snap your finger, snap your neck!"

  13. Lol. Another failed prediction

  14. manny2171 says:

    I guess I better play more golf from now on since I know I will be one of those that will be killed, and I will die happy afterwards.

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