World War One Through Arab Eyes – Episode three: The New Middle East


One hundred years after the Ottomans joined the war, this three-part series tells the story from an Arab perspective. Subscribe to our channel …


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  1. Faizul Aziz says:

    The ottomans mismanagement should be blamed for the breakup of the caliphate, it is natural for colonized arabs to try and seek independence. BUT THIS SHOWS HOW IGNORANT AND BACKWARDS THE ARABS OF THE TIME. Hope we will learn from the history

  2. Elusivekid says:

    Ok ok. First of all, I am Arab; and very much proud of being an Arab. However, it is a bit silly to blame the political turbulence of the Levant on a decision made (precisely) a century ago; it has been more than two generations, like COME ON!!! As much as the narrated events which took place in WW1 are true, we as Arabs, are just as much responsible for the mess we are in. The truth is, we as arabs, are pretty racist and extremely xenophobic; if we weren't, then Sunnis, Shias, Christian Arabs, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis and Palestinians would all be living together happily. I mean, are we It is our internalized resentment to others unlike us that makes us so weak. So this documentary, as accurate as it is about historic narration, lacks criticality and objectivity in it's message. Why? Because we are so good at pointing the finger and blame. Case and point: a generation that passed away two generations ago is still the "real" reason for all the political problems we face today in the Levant. So where did all this come from? It is Religion and the rise of its influence on politics; and don't bring up the Ottomans because they themselves adopted a secular philosophy when it came to political exercise; how else do you think they managed to rule over Eastern Europe while earning the trust and loyalty of their janissaries? This disunity is nothing more than the result of what is happening here and now in our generation (maybe our parents), but certainly not at the beginning of the 1900's, and it all began with the direct politicalization of Islam, which went hands in hand with post WW1 Arab nationalism. Peace.

  3. Sam says:

    Sir Balfour was an ardent anti-Semite during the reign of the British empire the establishment referred to jews as internationalist which excelled at international finance and social movements and to keep this in check they decided to create a national homeland for Jews people in Palestine at the expense of the indigenous Arabs. 

  4. Lamyarus says:

    First revolt against Turks and then accuse them of turning their backs on you. Really logical…

  5. owpeterj says:

    An enlightening collection of archive material and cross referenced perspectives.
    I appreciate you (all involved) for presented this – it is/was not fruitless.
    Indeed, so many suffer – peculiar that mankind shys away from the responsibility for / towards the consequences of his/her actions, or aquiescence to others actions in their name.

  6. 3m7c says:

    I dont want to use the word IMBECILES but seriosuly, arabs were super naive to believe western lies and fight against Ottoman. Actually now we are fine in Turkey even though we dont have any oil whatsoever but as you can see, arabs are in deep shit. Everyone pities them and playing with their so called goverments for their own interest. Bunch of uncivilised and unorganised people making their lives with oil money. Will they ever learn something and stand up against the bullies of the world? i dont see it coming, but i would love to see it happen. Muslim world should form a strong union againts all of this evil.

  7. Zenkai says:

    Arabs birthed the Khilafa and ultimately destroyed it

  8. ulkuhasturk says:

    Reading some comments here i can see that blaming each other is the easy way. I believe both sides are to blame for the fall of the caliphate. The arabs for their corrupted leaders of that time who fell for british lies that promised them the world. The ottomans for mismanagement, increasing nationalism and discrimination against arabs. But i also believe we should leave the past in the past and reconcile. History should teach us a lesson, we should stand united in solidarity and look to the future. This is the legacy we should leave to future generation of muslims who will take the middle east to a new and greater level of peace and prosperity. 

  9. Kalo .Shada says:

    May the Khilafa come back once again

  10. rvmg says:

    Arabs reap what they sow, why they are whining like this, i just don't understand

  11. If you look at modern Jewish history, it's a story of overcoming difficulties, attracting powerful allies and building a strong and prosperous nation. If you look at modern Arab history, it's a story of complaining about other nations betrayed them a hundred years ago and not being able to achieve anything themselves. No wonder the world powers threw them aside in favor of Israel.

  12. Maigiry says:

    It is called the PERSIAN GULF. Stop trying to rewrite history.

  13. Perfidy Albion. You can always rely on the British to do what they do best

  14. The latest outcome from destroying someone else's country is really gathering speed, but there are some aspects that also are becoming clear.
    The wave of refugees from the middle east to Europe is something all the countries in Europe asked for.
    They were quite happy to either back or even worse were prepared to assist in bombing these places, with the end result tat there is little left for the population there , so their move to the European countries is not a surprise.
    However, this has become more than a matter of refugees, I doubt very much if any of them will return to their own country.
    From day one these people have in many ways made it a little more clear that this is in effect an invasion, and the are not going to accept anything less than the very best of everything.
    In reality this is the final take over of the best part of the world and it will not be long before all these countries are told that they are now outnumbered and that from now on YOU WILL wereship Ala and that other beliefs are banned.
    For me the sad part of all this is that behind it is America who being the instigator of the trouble is the one nation to take for its size and its part in the destruction of these peoples way of life, the one nation to take the least refugees.
    The demise of these people is more than firmly planted on the doorstep of America,
    and yet the European countries will be the ones forced into ressesion or even worse, which already is very clear that most of the countries involved can clearly not afford to take on such a huge task as supplying the best part of the middle east with their daily needs, most of the countries can hardly keep up with looking after their own people, however, it is the overrun of these countries that I find the biggest worry, as this is not going to be easy to stop, an I can see a lot of violence coming out of all this.

  15. Anwar Noor says:

    whatever happens it happens for a reason :)

  16. Ends on a very vague conclusion about the present situation. Are we not in 2015, are we not able to really clarify the motivations of all parties having their fingers in the Middle-East affairs and then allow Arabs to form their nations without being propagandized into serving the greedy wars of the old countries? And are they not able to allow Israel, that sliver of land in an ocean of Arab countries, to pursue it's destiny and prosperity in peace? That's the part that is difficult to understand to me. Does it have to be all or nothing?

  17. jane susan says:

    Thank you AJ for posting this informative series. I can't help but feel sick and sad when ever I hear about about the horrid Sykes-Picot and Balfour. If only these assholes (and their greedy masters) could see the perpetuation of blood and chaos that would follow. I am curious however, why T.E. Lawrence was not mentioned in this series, as I see he was pictured with Prince Faisal. I was curious to hear, from an Arabs perspective, how Lawrence was viewed in terms of his role in the Arab revolt and his attempt at Arab unity.

  18. The ottomans were Turks not Arabs .
    Arabs were not ever independent for 1000 years .

  19. elian barnes says:

    Why is everyone upset at the Arabs when it was the British and the French who fucked up the middle east in the first place.

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