World War Three (3) The Movie


This mock documentary uses archival footage, interviews and reports taken out of context and staged interviews to highlight a possible escalation into a nuclear …


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  1. matty1053 says:

    This was a awesome movie/documentary.  Honestly… it's freaky on what could happen. 

    Thanks for the Upload! :D

  2. VibeXplorer says:

    Thanks for posting! And in one unbroken piece…

  3. Half way through you sort of forget that what's being presented is alternative history. some real heavy stuff, makes me treasure the reality that actually came to be. Our world today surely isn't perfect, but it certainly isn't a worldwide radioactive-dust-covered-ionizing-hell with a select few thousands slowly running out of supplies to live in their nuclear shelters. I'm glad I took the time to watch it through.

  4. Electroaap says:

    Thank you for this! All those parts were not very pleasant to watch.

  5. GSDioxine says:

    What a noxious piece of propaganda, cobbled together with little knowledge of the inner workings of the Warsaw Pact (and the NATO, as well). Yuck.

  6. Somebody tried to erase my comment as soon as it  was posted. Film is political shit. Shame on former British and other civil servants who decided to exibit themselves on not so wide screen. Who the hell wants World War Three? Russians had lost tens of millions of soldiers in World War Two, and uncounted millions of civilians, teens, babies. What about HOLOCOUST? Only idiots think anybody can survive World War Three. Do movie creators want us to start digging bunkers under our houses and stock with food? Sorry to see in movie high ranking British and other "civil servants" in this movie.. I wonder weather authors realize they are kissing IGIl"s dirty sand whipped asses by distracting European attention from armies of head cutting barbarians pretending to be moslems. If World War Three will ever break, it will be started by IGIL and authors of this film together with :volunteer cast of politicians may become slaves of barbarians.Film deserves Oskar cut from pile of chicken shit.

  7. J.C. Coleman says:

    i love alternate history. thanks for posting. this one really could have happened.

  8. ioan ioan says:

    I mean when we were under communist rule we were very reach nation with a very strong army a white man nation proud and reach a communist Bulgaria.Now we are a democracy and more than 50% of the population are not BULGARIANS WHITE MAN but Arabs and gypsy yes you exterminated us you won .i hope you lose all you have!

  9. ioan ioan says:

    USA Is a war criminal. They as a start killed more than 10 million of Indians – Americans then they killed a lot of blacks and made then slaves.this is not all after that they started a lot of wars everywhere in the world Serbia Cambodia Iraq Libya …more than a 50 nations were attacked by the war criminal USA and the world HATES YOU PEOPLE

  10. superb. a brilliant piece of film adaptation.. rather more relevant now than in 1993, ironically..

  11. well put together , having been stationed in Fulda with the 1/ 11th/acr in the early 80's this could have become reality in minutes , there was no illusion to what we were facing , our life expectancy was about 11 minutes after shtf, chances are we would never have made it to our staging areas , goal of the soviets at the time was to cross the rhine in 72 hrs odds were pretty good that they might have made it ,our mission was early warning and retrograde ops from the start , however with 3 squadrons spread over 180 miles of border it would have gotten very ugly , our tac air support was 22 minutes away coming from england , facing us were several soviet and east german armor divisions , just in numbers it would have looked very bad for us , thankfully it didn't happen , i stayed until 1999

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