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Who would disagree with the above title? Who would say that man is not heading toward another conflagration? Who would deny that society is not in meltdown?


There are many who choose to live in denial, and as I look at society I see that there are many Neville Chamberlains out there; this was a man who was Prime Minister of Great Britain during the 1930’s, the time when Adolph Hitler was Chancellor of Germany. A turbulent period when Hitler was turning the whole German Nation into a war machine, after which, he started to invade country after country, to the consternation of many, but according to Mr. Chamberlain there was nothing to worry about, our “friend, Herr Hitler,” he exclaimed, as he got off the plane from Germany, waving his piece of paper with Hitler’s signature promising peace not war, had no hostile intentions!

Within weeks we were at war, eventually taking the rest of the world with us. This extreme naivety of a man in such a powerful position, with the means of acquiring copious amounts of information about Hitler, no doubt much information that would have been coming his way anyway, as the newspapers were full of the sinister intentions of Adolph, as recorded by them over several years. It seems incredible that such an educated man in such a powerful position, surrounded by advisors, head of a mighty empire, with the obvious staring him in the face, chose to live in denial???

That denial led to World War Two!


The history of man is a bloody history, there is not a civilization on the face of the earth that is free from having blood on its hands, and this bloodletting is not unique to one particular people, as one man summed up correctly, “Man has dominated man to his injury.” He laid the blame to where it rightfully belongs, upon us all. Man has never found the cure to end war, all he has done is to learn how to kill more efficiently, leading to greater and greater wars, in man’s case, world wars.

The awesome destructive weapons which are now at man’s disposal is the monster that he has created, and just as Frankenstein created his monster, a monster that finally killed him, so goes man. An interesting pattern of man’s behaviour is his always talking of peace, and of making peace pacts with his neighbours. Kings of England marrying foreign wives to keep the peace between the Royal powers of Europe, only to find they were constantly at war with them. Kings, Queens, Emperors, Pharaohs, Caesars, Dynasties, Tribes and all kinds of man made authorities seeking peace by various means, only to experience war. For what nation does not have some form of military establishment to protect itself? What nation does not have weapons to make war or to defend themselves from attack? Even the smallest of tribes on some of the remotest islands have weapons; they are usually fighting amongst themselves or with neighbouring tribes, from the smallest islands to the great continents of our world, war like death is an unavoidable part of man’s life. It makes one wonder, when everyone wants, and seeks to make peace, why are we all armed to the teeth.

When one sees the signing of another peace pact, with the participants armed with the latest weapons of mass destruction, which neither parties are willing to relinquish; it reminds me of those Mexican bandits with belts of ammunition zigzagging their upper body, and a pistol on either side of their hips, with a knife stuck in the side of their boot, and a rifle slung over their shoulder, shouting “We come in peace.” The madness of it all. The hypocritical picture of the so called super powers is that they too come in peace, but with suits and ties, while their weapons are hidden in silo’s. So what are we afraid of? Our fellow man, that is what we are afraid of, nobody trusts anybody, and why?

Because history is filled with the treachery of man, our own life experiences teach us some painful lessons about our fellow human, taking those experiences to a higher level, nations are suspicious of other nations, tribes of other tribes, and so on. What has exacerbated that suspicion, and the many fears that go with it, is the difference in the colour of one’s skin, the difference in language, the difference in culture, and the greatest difference of all, religion!!

For every nation or culture has its own form of religious traditions, and of all that has divided man, religion stands head and shoulders above all else in being the cause of great division and wars. Our differences are many, and those differences have been the cause of much suffering for mankind, that is why man has chosen to live with those of his own kind. Looking at a map of the world demonstrates quite clearly that man has chosen to establish groups, communities, eventually developing into nations of a people of his own kind. Africa is filled with Africans, Asia is filled with Asians, the Orient is filled with Orientals, and Arabia is filled with Arabians and so on.

This is what man has determined for himself down through the millennia, there has been no government programme recorded anywhere for this to happen, it took place as man through his own experience over millennia with his fellow man, has worked out how, and with whom he would like to live. The map of the world gives us undeniable proof of the decisions of all kinds of people in choosing to live with their own kind; this is not unique to one race of people, but to them all. This living with ones own “kind,” does not solve man’s problems, but he has found that the difficulties are much less than that of a mixed society, for where there is this multi cultural mix within a nation the problems are far greater.

It can be illustrated by the example of our sitting in our garden on a summers day, several bees are doing what bees do, to most people they are not a problem, but if a swarm of them came into your garden you would have to flee for your life. Likewise man tolerates to a point the differences of others, but when those differences become threatening, expect a reaction, inevitably a confrontation.

The evidence of man’s hostility towards his fellow man has never been greater than it is today, those nations that are becoming more and more multi cultural are experiencing huge problems. A clash of cultures, a clash of religions, leading to terrorism, ghetto’s, gang warfare, drugs, prostitution, mafia’s, great resentment within the local indigenous populations, as they see the loss of their identity, their way of life being compromised, bastardized beyond recognition. Instability, unease, racial tensions, fragmentation of societies, infrastructures under stress, standards and quality of life dropping dramatically, higher taxes to pay for these migrants and asylum seekers coming from the poorest and most violent countries on earth. Many are criminals, many are diseased, and many are poorly educated, with customs and traditions that clash with the local community, leading to racial friction.

They create their own communities as they grow in number, have their own centres of worship, their own schools, start to control the local economy, become involved in local government to where in some instances they become the controlling majority. Some have their own Radio and TV. Stations, they make demands for their particular community as they grow in number and power, like a swarm of bees they are now a real threat to the indigenous people of that particular land, a land which they never fought for, a land with a way of life and an infrastructure brought about by these indigenous people and their ancestors, a land whose ancestors go back for centuries if not millennia.

The fact that these immigrants establish their own communities in a foreign land proves the reality of what was said earlier, that people want to be with their own kind. There are those who will refer to certain mixed communities living peacefully together, but there are always exceptions to any rule, and the unreasonable will always use it, but the overwhelming example of man’s behaviour over thousands of years cannot be ignored?

For that behaviour continues into this 21st century of ours, those differences still continue as strong and as divisive as ever, as we see the clashes of cultures becoming epidemic in nature.

There does not seem to be any nation that is free from racial discord, the internal problems of nations are intensifying, sometimes to the point of bringing international concerns, for fear that, that nation will collapse within itself and spill over into its neighbours territory as the racial tensions leading to riots seem to be getting out of control. As one disturbance subsides, another erupts, like a body haemorrhaging from every orifice, this world of ours is bleeding from its differences, its life blood, its people, are being poured down the drain of racism.

The world leaders seem to have ignored man’s past history, there objective is a new world order, over the last decade or so there has been this rush and global goal of a multi cultural world, a mixing of people’s who as history well records have been killing each other because of their differences, and still do! To put together that which has proven to be highly explosive is asking for trouble, and trouble is what they are getting. As news reports from all over the world are showing an intensifying of hostilities in one country after another, this new world order is proving to be an ever growing one of world wide disorder! As I said at the beginning there are plenty of Neville Chamberlains out there, they ignore the obvious, live in denial, and are taking us all to World War Three.

What will be the catalyst to set it all off?

For it is surely coming, the titles at the beginning of this article points to World War Three, who would dare to erase it, and leave it at World War Two, with no more wars to follow. Whose reasoning would prove more sound, mine, with all the proof of man’s past, or the optimist, who denies the reality of history and grasps at this new world order, with its ever increasing disorder, as is verified in our daily diet of news.

This consistent warlike behaviour of man is the key to seeing the future.

From the earliest recorded history of man, man has fought with his fellow man over his differences, non-more so than the differences of religions.

From that early-recorded history of man with his consistent warlike posture, which warmongering has continued down through the millennia?

Man has now transferred all his warlike behaviour on to a global scale; it is disturbingly apocalyptic.

From the beginning of man, to our present day, that consistency of human behaviour has reached global notoriety, like a boil coming to an eruption; all of man’s past violent behaviour is about to burst forth on a global scale.

Those eruptions of unrest of a racial nature within country after country, are a symptom of a greater malaise of the human family, it is telling us that we are in a state of terminal decline. As the patient is losing blood from every orifice of his body, the prognosis is not good, one does not have to be a rocket scientist, or a detective to come to but one conclusion, the patient is on his way out. In the past when certain races were oppressed they moved on to other lands, people fled to the new worlds, the America’s, Australia; now there is nowhere to go; man has now to confront his demons. And like the inebriated drunken brawler that he is, man will resort to what he has always turned to, to solve his problems, and that is violence.

What will kick-start this global war?

Will it be a shortage of oil leading to conflict?

Will it be food shortages?

Will it be the collapse of the financial markets?

Will it be race riots spreading from country to country?

Will it be religious fanaticism?

Will it be an outrageous terrorist attack leaving millions dead?

All of the above and more are of serious concern to the functioning of this new world order, and are becoming an ever-increasing cause of friction between nations? What happens if the oil stopped flowing causing economies to collapse overnight, millions out of work, leading to complete breakdown in social order, as one country falls, it would create a domino effect, leading to global catastrophe, What if the financial markets went into meltdown, your money was now worthless, it would become the survival of the fittest, global anarchy would be its conclusion. What if racial tension got out of control and spread like a bush fire from country to country, as has already happened in several countries, with total breakdown in economies, leading to global chaos!

For are we not all living in this global village, with interdependency upon each other? Those environmental cheerleaders will not be concerned then about their carbon footprint, their concern will be survival, as it will be for us all? What about the biggest threat of all, religion, which has proven itself to be the ever present bogey-man in the subconscious of mankind, and in being the cause of most, if not all of the wars that have plagued man’s time on this earth. So religion has to be taken as the odds on favourite for being the trigger, the catalyst for World War Three.

The ever increasing threat from global religious terrorism is destabilizing country after country, their success is growing; more and more are joining in this religious crusade for World domination, confrontation is inevitable. All the ideals of those who have succeeded in gaining power, has been to use that power to conquer the World. From the Pharaoh’s of Egypt to our present day, the history of man is littered with the debris of former rulers and their dreams. Dreams of World domination, those ideals and dreams of men have not diminished. Is it not frequently heard in the news media that the “World Leaders” will be meeting here, there, wherever? About what? About global warming, global terrorism, global finances, global oil prices, etc. Yes, that desire of World control is as dominant in the human psyche as ever, the only challenger to those politically motivated World Leaders is the growing power of religious terrorism and their desire to establish a religiously based world government, with all laws coming from their God, to the exclusion of all else!

They have exposed themselves as seeking to establish a religious dictatorship, and like all dictators they pursue their goals at any cost, and what greater goal is there than ruling the world?

Whether it is one or the other of those scenario’s just mentioned that becomes the fuse to set off the coming human time bomb is not the controlling factor, the evidence is it will go off, our consideration of the aforementioned points the finger at religion as being high on the list of probable cause. If a bomb were in the same unstable condition as this world is, it would only be a matter of time before it exploded!

The explosive nature of man has left his mark on the planet, with the ruins of former empires littering the earth, a testimony to man’s greed for power, but the greatest witness it leaves is one of falling short, for ruins are evidence of man’s failure, not success, the legacy they have left of their hopes and dreams are now truly in ruins. Their dreams have all ended up the same, this gives one a picture of what will be left after this coming battle for World domination.

“A World in Ruins.”

What a fitting and appropriate epitaph for man.

Contributed by Michael Henry Cook.

January 2008

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7 Responses

  1. Michael Cook says:

    John Q – It is five years since you wrote that, and whose words are proving to be true? You live in denial sir of the obvious, and hold onto straws of comfort, when all around you is going into global chaos. Like all do-gooders living in a dreamland of your own making you cannot face reality. Well sir, reality is coming to a town city and street near us all soon. War is coming if ONLY WE WANT IT, you say, while wars litter ALL of mans bloodthirsty history, never more so than in our present day. We are armed with the greatest weapons ever conceived by man, hundreds of millions of people are party to making those weapons, and being part of a global military machine that belies your reasoning. With billions supporting their military in the numerous conflicts that have plagued this world over the past century alone, which includes TWO WORLD WARS.

    The only thoughtless and misleading and decieving individual here is YOU sir.

  2. Michael Cook says:

    Your goals are admirable, but not realistic, for you ignore the one constant of all human history, which is the fact that we as a species have been butchering each other by the hundreds of millions for millenia in every part of the world without exception. All past dreamers, and I will name but a few, Jesus Christ came with the best of ideals and they killed him, and the pain, suffering, destruction and death that he left in his wake is staggering in its totality, and still continues today. Ghandi’s dreams which was similiar to Jesus has only brought about his death and the suffering and death of millions of those he tried to help, these misguided souls and there are plenty of them today are taking us all to hell. My prediction for the near future is not a dream, but in keeping with the real world that is divided by colour, creed, culture and the greatest divider of all, religion. The world is torn asunder by our differences, and in the present global financial meltdown, leading to breakdown in civil order, conflicts between nations, and within nations will increase. Racial hatreds will intensify, to where we will be fighting in our cities, towns and streets. For human behaviour is consistent it never fails, as history testifies to, that is the reality, not the dream. The reality continues, for in the coming conflagration as the world situation deteriorates people will stick with their own kind.We live in a world whose foundation has been built on paper, what do you expect to happen to this greedy world of ours. If Jesus christ and many like him have failed, do you not think you are presumptous in the extreme to think that you can unite mankind? Wake up, the nightmare has begun, be prepared to defend yourselves. Michael.

  3. Michael Cook says:

    Religions history is awash with the blood of billions. It’s reality belies its claims of holiness, you have not done your homework sir on religions bloodstained existence, it is religion and its leaders who have filled the hearts of their followers to love their fellow man on the one hand and kill him with the other. You live in complete denial of the staggering evidence of religions criminality upon the human family. It is people like you who have brought the world to where it is today. Propagating fanciful hopes that have NEVER come to fruition and never will. The world is disintergrating before your eyes, not that I want that to happen, but I live with the reality of the world as it is and has always been. The world today is being torn apart because of its differences. Business as usual for the human family. Your sentimental platitudes are typical of all those who grasp at straws and are responsible for leading people with falsehoods over a precipice to calamity. You are not related to Neville Chamberlain are you? The very near future will prove if I am right. As regards multi culturism, I have spent several weeks in America, it is the most unstable country I have ever visited. Black Ghettos in virtually EVERY state, a white man or woman goes through them at their peril. As I travelled through Laguna Beach, California, small closed communities signposted, Little vietnam, Little Italy, etc., of which I was told, “don’t go down their honey, you won’t come back.” Red necks who hate the blacks, muslims are detested, as are mexicans. It is a country disintergrating before the worlds eyes. Are you kidding, America is the most violent nation on the face of the earth, bastardised beyond recognition, fragmented, divided, hostile, dangerous, and why, because of its clashes of cultures, which they have imposed on the rest of the world and we are all going the same way. Wait until we are fighting in our cities, towns and streets, will you be running to your black friends for help then? Human behaviour is that people stick with their own kind, I do not live in disney world, I live in the real world. To think that your sentiments of our caring for each other will change anything, makes me think are you a “born again christian?” My experience of them is that their heads are so far up in the clouds, they are no earthly good. Jesus Christ had a little more impact than you, but at the end of the day they voted for Barabas, and crucified Jesus. Religion again! The future does not look good for you sir, you are in for some titanic (did’nt that sink also) disappointments. Your reasoning is frightening.

  4. john q says:

    WW3 Only if you want it.

    OK obviously this writer has something against religion and has to do some more research or just think a little harder on the subject, some of his comments are way off point. Let me state that I am a non believer and do not belong to any religion. However religion is not the main problem, all of the big four religions of the world have one main message which is to respect one another, love and live in peace, it is a select few who use religion as a tool to manipulate the masses and its those people we should be wary of.

    As for one world and mixing races well America has one of the most diverse populations in the world and just happens to be the most powerful country in the world, I think that puts this whole article to sleep. People can get along with one another as America is slowly showing us. Yes it takes time and its hard, but look how far they have come. Life is brutal and painful but a child’s birth is the same, yet so much joy comes from having a child, perhaps the lesson from this is that there has to be pain before there is success or happiness.

    We cannot (as this article asks us to do) keep looking at the past for how we should organise ourselves today. But if he does want to look back he would see that separation and segregation was an idea of Hitler if I remember correctly, it is the ignorant and those who have no understanding and those who are unwilling to change that create this idea of division. I might also point out that World War 1 and 2 were fought between humans of much the same religion (Christians) and skin colour.

    We must get out of the idea that we belong to a country, we must relieve ourselves of old traditions and remember that we were all born on planet earth, we all have a right to live where we want, governments and country boarders are only there because the powers at be say there is a line there that you cant cross. I am going to assume this writer is also white and lives in the west as it seems plainly obvious. We have to imagine why immigrants want to come to the west, its for a better way of life, and from the way we in the west rape these 3rd world countries of their wealth I can see why they want to come here. If I was in one of those countries I know I would be trying to get out and get to the west, we have education, water, food, medication, houses, money, what’s there not to like. Wars are caused by people in power for MONEY and more POWER.

    People are more than capable in being able to live together we just have to let go of the past and look to the future and remember not to do to others that which we would not like done to ourselves. Yes I believe we can live peacefully and integrated just stop listening to people like this. I’m white and English but I also have Muslim friends, some black family and Jewish friends too I bet this guy thinks I’m the exception but why cant we make it the rule its quite possible.

    sorry for the long comment but I thought someone needs to think a bit more about these issues than putting this thoughtless piece out there – it just spreads more hate and more ignorance and only gets in the way of us coming together.

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