World War Z – Jerusalem wall



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  1. any similar movies ? ive already watched world war z ,zombieland & dawn of the dead ?

  2. any similar movies ? ive already watched world war z ,zombieland & dawn of the dead ?

  3. Is this Mars Attacks?! They move far too quick for the Undead…unless they've eaten an entire town each??? Cant imagine being attacked by millions of people dressed up as Dracula though. Perhaps this was done through plastic surgery and a Hollywood make-up department then!! A total descredit to Max Brooks riveting book.

  4. fucking stupid people singing

  5. No Name says:

    Not too many people were screaming in pain or making noise when they got tackled. Sounded like dummies being thrown at a wall.

  6. Angelo Giron says:

    fucking idiots deserved to die

  7. Pat Nava says:

    Omg they fell didn't get hurt

  8. Jhon Vergara says:

    como puedo ver la pelicula?

  9. la mejor pelicula de zonvis

  10. Fucking Indians didn't they know there where millions of zombies outside

  11. Rigel Altair says:

    thats why i hate religion

  12. WHO WATCH THIS 2016?!??!?!?!?!?

  13. Brie Bella says:

    lмao ѕтand ғor laυgнιng мy aѕѕ oғғ

    ѕтandѕ ғor aѕ ғ.υ.c.ĸ.

  14. Hah. Just seems like something that would happen.

  15. Es de las escenas más terroríficas y mejor hechas de la película. Zombies sin control corriendo, lanzándose al vacío y aún así ''sobreviviendo'' para morder a otros que a su vez de modo veloz se transforman en caníbales,,,,,,,ugh, miedito.

  16. Refuges crossing the border.

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