World’s largest Underground City Full Documentary


World’s largest Underground City Full Documentary.


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  1. GOOD IDEA becaues the city don't have no more land to eaxnand to

  2. Ampharos says:

    TL;DR nothing happens they just speculate about bullshit

  3. jim jam says:

    way to many people stop having kids!

  4. Geo Marin says:

    Blue wave light and she wears blue 37:36 nice.

  5. Sudan Gaines says:

    why not underwater cities instead because if there is a earth quake game over

  6. The dead are already there

  7. All this, just for a desired zip code? Why not go the Dallas-Fort Worth route, build another "loop" fifty miles away, outside the current suburbs? Link 'em by hi-traffic monorails. Save BILLIONS .

  8. thanks documentary for not mentioning underground Atlanta

  9. hopefully once they made it, a jolt of 6 scale and takes above and below structure to the depths of the earth.. some one needs a lesson. living like cockroaches in a single city block. or I would wish WW3 to wipe out atleast 50% of population (including me). sick of it.

  10. @4:00
    "IMAGINE an underground city…."
    – Let's not.

  11. like they could pull this off in shirack.

  12. My question is Who's paying for all that and will they be allowed to go there in the event of WW3

  13. deisisase says:

    Is this a real project that is actually being worked on?

  14. T'sais says:

    This video sure is stretching what little content they have…
    Its like …get on with it!

  15. interesting video but people need to population contol not the government it is not the government right

  16. This is bullshit, Chicagos Traffic is not even as bad as Los Angeles, & I know because I used to live in Cicero, Illinois. A Chicago suburb city.

  17. radon gas build up. hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, loss of power would lead to flooding, way to many problems. people can't live that packed to gather above ground properly, and you wanna pack then into a sardine can……….good frigging luck

  18. 190055joe says:

    Why doesn't someone address the real issue , population control no matter what you do 10 years down the track will have the problem.

  19. Just wondering one thing, if you are living on the bottom "floor" and flush the toilet how does it get up and out of the city if the city is fifty "floors"? Squishing millions of city dwellers underground? Like rats? This is when people need to start practicing birth/population control, way too insane and unsustainable!

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