World’s Scariest Police Shootouts 6 – North Hollywood Bank Robbery Documentary 2016


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20 Responses

  1. commited suicide, sad to know it was instant death and no suffering, good to know the scum is dead

  2. ClassicFIHD says:

    AR-15 IS NOT an Assault Rifle!!!!!!!

  3. Scupacium says:

    Yey armour penetrating rounds.

  4. Amele Marasanamo looks like a bitch! :D

  5. Femmy says:

    The 2 robbers are definitely terminaters

  6. when you play payday

  7. PvPSlayerz says:

    Well if they kill the civs and get caught they wil never get out of prison as in EVER

  8. xAsSaS1n says:

    I`m from romania … :))

  9. Forty Two says:

    "Terrorist technology"

  10. Ger Rincon says:

    phenobarbital is not a muscle relaxer

  11. payday 2 real life edition

  12. PoodleCorp says:

    usually they call the swat team for this shit

  13. How hard is it to just shoot 2 robbers?

  14. Method Man says:

    Terrorist technology.

  15. Ahh Ahh says:

    I root for the bad guy

  16. these cops r what i call pussy's they know the robbers r wearing body armor yet they didn't pay attention on there (head) one shot that's all it takes u cops put civilians in harms way (carry a sniper rifle next time)

  17. Jake Ha says:

    I was watching live when this was happened on that day,,,that was scary,,and the reporters on heli really had balls!

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