World’s Scariest SWAT TEAM Shootouts Documentary 2016


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  1. Skool says:

    Iranian national… well, no one would have ever guessed THAT one, i mean they are just so peace loving and all

  2. SWAT twats.
    Get the Pro's UKs SAS.

  3. there aim should be to ensure no deaths to those hostages not as many as possible. typical gun ho American cops shot first ask question later style.

  4. I'm with the bad guys cuz SWAT are just a pussy

  5. kyle newman says:

    You lost me at "They are the 007s of the police force". Dumbest thing I've ever heard.

  6. Kier0n says:

    Props to that sniper 17:40

  7. Conrad Hahn says:

    The sniper was so on point

  8. Paul marsh says:

    I remember this happened when I lived near there, had I known about the free drinks and sodomizing blonde women, I would have stopped in.

  9. Jack quigley says:

    3rd one was serious

  10. I'm Jiggly says:

    So they literally just shot the gun out of his hand… wow…

  11. red avenger says:

    tell me what one u thought was the worst as in u thought was just wrong like if u could not choose

  12. Chris Carter says:

    The SAS are more equipped and better trained than SWAT. I am not some tea drinking Brit either, it is a fact and even Americans now it.

  13. The guy who wrestled with the shotgun was badass

  14. GTO Life says:

    Hawaii swat… you are fucking garbage wow you should be ashamed.

  15. This is why cops should carry dummy body armor around with them

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