WOW! Simpsons Satanic Christmas Illuminati Special EXPOSED!


In this video I expose the most satanic cartoon episode I have ever seen! The Simpsons 2016 Christmas special was used to attack and mock God, the church, …


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  1. My dad is a "free" mason…I've been in their lodge and thats exactly what it looks like a book in the middle with candles checkered floor, and they chant stuff like "As the sun in the meridian sea" stuff like that about the sun and they have like 3 thrones and on top is an eye and it says "God is with us" (probably just means satan is with us) they also have a language or secret code he has a blue book with things written in it. He doesn't go to church with me ,often times he refuses to go…oh and he also offered me to be a jobs daughter i think its called (an association for a mason's daughter) definitely not joining

  2. In all actuality God? can't win

  3. i would say… take to heart none of the material world bro, your to caught up in your own christianity, what you must realize is this episode is a revelation of truth not an attack, (this is how bad it is) christmas was originally pagan and demonic yet we embrace it in all our homes, same with the actual story of jesus, every religious book has its own jesus, but people get caught in names and minute details

  4. Ivoy Luo says:

    Christmas is a pagan ritual

  5. Ivoy Luo says:

    by now u know Jesus isn't the Savior real name he is black and hebrew plz tell the plp the truth

  6. Zane Ecklund says:

    For someone who hates The Simpsons and doesn't think anyone should watch because of its satanic message you sure are knowledgeable about the series.

  7. +The Vigilant Christian I thought Simpson were anti-NWO. Everything came off to me as a warning sent to us by the Simpsons creators. For example, I understood the "23" at 2:35 to be hiding the "peace and good will" message behind it; meaning that they(the illuminate) are hiding the truth about god. 3:05 was a warning about where we are at and where we will end up(later in the show because of that). They then show the pagan winter cardinals with all kinds of chaos. 6:05 they show what happens to those that follow this way of life(Damned for Eternity). and they show Ralph lured by the unnamed one and trapped by him, while authority is distracted by the organization(the illuminati). 7:05 is the use of our own religions against us which fools the masses into a false return of christ. 7:25 is when authority persecutes the righteous and holy(noted by the halo around his head). 7:46 Demonstrates the false messenger that will come to get the masses to hate him making way for the "solution", you may notice the halo around crusty. 9:47 They continue to show what the false messenger is really doing. Note that the "Itchy and Scratchy" is written in Frostlettering. 10:42 You can see maggie, representing 'purity' with a worried and suspicious look. 11:33 as it wraps up it is showing worship of the false message and returning the false message disguised as the true word, back to where it came. 12:20 Crusty discovering the truth behind the message, that it is created by the illuminati. And he returns to his religion. 14:29 Shows that the true God is above earthly ground and the flase gods are not. So, for me; the Simpson always seemed to represent the 'nuetrals'. Maggie represents innocence and purity. Notice every character has died from one episode or another but maggy, NEVER. Homer representing ignorance of people. Marge representing the struggle to find the right way. Lisa and Bart representing the unsure yet optimistic future. So I'm not sure about your analyses.

  8. SPACEWAVE1 says:

    do a video about the south park Christmas special from last night

  9. Nigga, get some pussy. I promise you're going to feel better.

  10. top5daily says:

    Honestly, there is some good light being shed on this but if someone stops being a christian because of the simpsons then I am okay with that. Someone who mindlessly listens to a cartoon doesn't deserve to be a christian. But I do think you're being a little paranoid

  11. Lol 911 on a police car is an emergency hotline number it doesn't mean 9/11

  12. Mark Pate says:

    Yikes! Neural Linguistic Programming. Shut Up!

  13. I still like the Simpsons

  14. when I see them I wanna shoot it with an AK 47

  15. Great video!!! JESUS CHRIST !!! Is the way the truth and the life….Thank you for being bold for our LORD JESUS!!! You inspire my spirit and are a source of strength and I'm blessed bye you…

  16. yuriyg97 says:

    As soon as I was half way through this episode, I knew there was something fishy. Went to YouTube and typed in, "sipmsons 2016 Christmas special demonic" and your video came up!!! I'm glad there are many other thousands of people that share the same feeling!!! I just couldn't believe what I was seeing!

  17. tempo529 says:

    Good video,but it's pronounced Gray-ning not Grow-ning.

  18. Pale Horse says:

    garbage, they can thank obama and the democrats for such a filth and sodomy.

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