WW2 from Space HD-Full Documentary


WWII From Space delivers World War II in a way you’ve never experienced it before. This two-hour History special uses an all-seeing CGI eye that offers a …


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  1. Lol "Operation Uranus was a complete shock"

  2. One does not simply,fight in Russian soil in the cold Russian winter without professionally made Russian winter coat

  3. Wolf212 says:

    Sorry but America started the war with Japan. Pearl Harbour was a retaliation.

  4. Lets set this straight, Polish pilots in Spitfires contributed more in battle for Brittan than the Americans.

  5. Funny Fact. Canada declared War on Japan before the US did

  6. lol i was telling my brother i was watching a documentary about the us in ww2 because it like only talks about the us japan and a little of britain

  7. Why they show switzerland conquisted by german? It wasnt conquered, it remain neutral for the entire war, and the war before, as always

  8. monty81567 says:

    I watch another Documentary,after the Pearl Harbor attack.50 Million men signed up,26.5 Million wash out.And of that 26.5,another 5.5 million men were told no.On the the form it ask"Do you like girls? check the box yes or no."They check no & were told they couldn't join.The other 18 Million men got to fight.

  9. I still don't understand why Hitler attacked Soviet Union.

  10. Sky Flier says:

    I have resigned an hour and a half of my life to this. And I'm okay with that.

  11. DonCutlass says:

    Ok, 4mins into the vid and that is bullshit!!! The USA knew the Japanese were coming!!! They even sank a freaking submarine one hour prior to attack!!!
    This is not history, this is not documentary. This is another BS aimed at forming an image of the US being the savior of the world. Dislike, good bye.

  12. Haj Tom says:

    THis show is very pro USA, it lies that USA by the start of the war is the largest military power in the world. YEAH RIGHT! Still is RUSSIA at that time.

  13. dragon0085 says:

    Pretty good show, but of course they have to endlessly talk about the holocaust…what about the 15 million+ our 'allies' the russians killed? Or the us bombing of dresdan after the war is nearly over?

  14. Should correct the title. "WW2 From Space Documentary: The American War", or something like that.

  15. Woobywooo says:

    So essentially, this is a documentary by America, about America…….. Calling themselves a sleeping giant is laughable. They were too cowardly to enter the war, it was only Pearl Harbour that did it. Yet here lays Britain, a small country that was defending itself from the nazi's who had taken most of Europe. Britain continued to battle alone for 2 years!!! Yet America think they won the war just because they came in late and battled an already depleted German army… Makes sense….. I would have liked to have seen America battle alone and from the start of WW1……

  16. Good video. Way over the top with the dramatic verbage but the scope covered was pretty good. I'm trying to teach my son about history and this might be a decent jumping off point for WW2. He likes is a little candy coated.

  17. Why does hitler invaded the countries the bottom and then get the oil?

  18. TF2 Unboxing says:

    Spoiler Alert: America Wins

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