WW3 Alert: Russia threatens NATO with nukes


Press TV

The Russian president has called on NATO to clarify Moscow’s role in a European missile system, warning if no agreement is reached, Russia will be forced to deploy “offensive” nuclear weapons.

“So this is not a joking matter. We expect from our NATO partners a direct and unambiguous answer,” Dmitry Medvedev said during a meeting with Russia’s NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin.

“In either case, we are either together with NATO, or we separately find an adequate response to the existing problem,” he said.

Under former US President George W. Bush the United States proposed a plan to deploy a missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic — a plan which was fiercely opposed to by Russia. Moscow said it would deem such a deployment a threat to its sovereignty and would properly respond to it.

US President Barack Obama later scrapped the plan proposing Russia to join the missile system.

Russia and NATO agreed to cooperate on a joint missile system plan in Europe during a NATO-Russia Council meeting in Lisbon in November last year.

The parties agreed to formulate terms for cooperation on the missile system by June 2011.

“Either we agree to certain principles with NATO, or we fail to agree, and then in the future we are forced to adopt an entire series of unpleasant decisions concerning the deployment of an offensive nuclear missile group,” Medvedev was quoted by AFP as saying.

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5 Responses

  1. m says:

    How will the get “rid” of 75 million
    The USA has a low survival rate in fact, it could be a total wasteland.
    And only 50% damage to other side, even worst if they failed to replace the
    compression gas.

  2. Cures Riches says:

    The Jerk that needs WW3 the most is Berlusconi. It’s the daemonic emperors habit to end his life with mega murder “Not believing” in spirituality is mainly thinking it’s crap. It is crap compared to the mechanical WiFi reliability.

  3. Abjectief says:

    NATO: European & Russian Missile Shields Separate

    January 24, 2011 :: AFP :: News
    Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Sec. Gen. of NATO, has said that while Russia and NATO will cooperate on a European missile shield, the two countries should nonetheless maintain “two independent but coordinated systems.” Cooperation will consist of information sharing in an effort to enlarge the missile surveillance picture for the region.

    Rasmussen’s statement comes as U.S. and Russian diplomats meet under the rubric of the Enhanced Missile Defense Sub-Working Group in order to discuss the details of missile defense cooperation between the U.S., Russia, and NATO in Europe.

    This announcement also comes as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev delivers an ultimatum to NATO: if Russia doesn’t get a straightforward commitment from NATO for full equality in any missile shield, then Moscow will have no choice but to develop an independent missile defense system and even deploy “an offensive nuclear missile group” in the region.

    Told ya…

  4. Abjectief says:

    Damn fools, can’t u even manage to grasp the meaning of “deploy”?

    Definition of DEPLOY
    transitive verb
    a : to extend (a military unit) especially in width
    b : to place in battle formation or appropriate positions

    All Russia does is threaten to place more nuclear missiles near its European border, to counter the effect of the missile-defence system. The only thing at risk here is the current START-treaty, witch is being negotiated as we speak. In the end of the day, all Russia wants is either the technology for the missile-defence-system, to be included in the missile-defence treaty, or the abandonment of the missile-defence-program.

    Scaring people with WWIII is just down right stupid. Go back to school, or smoke less green herbs.

  5. Abaddon says:

    Just as some people are becoming aware that terrorism is state sponsored, controlled by their secret services to create all kinds of international terrorist scenario’s, so this cold war garbage is being exposed in a similiar manner.. Russia and America are both under the control of the international bankers, these same bankers who funded both sides in the two world wars, also funded communism, they have used confrontation as a distraction and the fear of it for over one hundred years, as they pursue their global agenda. All one has to do is look back and see where we are today in this global goal of theirs to see how they have done it. They have left huge footprints in mans recent past to see where and how we got to where we are today and where they are taking us.
    They have created for the vast majority of mankind a dependence on THEIR system that they have brought about. They have cloned many to follow what their masters say, a George Orwell 1984 is already here for many people, they just don’t know it, and is that not what was supposed to happen? They are now tightening their control of all the basic essentials for life, what worked in the past for them is being continued today, but at an ever increasing pace. To bring in a New World Order they have to get rid of the old one, and those events are already upon us, and they are ready to act to decimate the worlds population to managable numbers, you distract your prey before you kill it. The masses do not even know that they are being poisoned in every way possible already, and have been for decades, they ignore the realities that they see around them of a global pandemic where nearly everyone is sick,. They accept it? They have been brainwashed into believing it is somehow normal, for those who think so, it will not be difficult for the powers that be to execute the “cou de graw.”

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