WW3 already started World War Three NOVEMBER 5, 2016



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  1. Victor Lopez says:

    China has every right no monetize and militarize the South China Sea just as we had every right to do so in the gulf and the North Atlantic. You boneheads need to realize this the Zionist controlled media and government that's brinwaahing you idiots.

  2. Corruption is behind every war. Presidents get paid off by foreign countries lobbyists, who give them billions of dollars. It's really war crimes violations against humanity.

  3. Money is always the Prime motivation. Money talks, Corruption walks.

  4. It's the way of the world, unfortunately.

  5. MARK MAHAN says:

    Chang is outright lying. first an independent Indian reporter talked with a recently retired Indian military officer, know the situation in the south china sea. and this man has stated, that China only restrictions is to military vessels and planes. all others trade vessels and civilian planes are not bothered by the Chinese. so what is Chang stateing? Fox should get the story right, and stop people like Chang from speaking untruths.

  6. its November 7th and no www3 , your a cock jockey to stick it , its probably all u will amount to

  7. Anna White says:


  8. fishface494 says:

    good on you Russia and Syria I'm embarrassed at the hypocritical talk of British ministers here again theres evidence that some if not all of our western governments are doing anything for the people they are supposed to represent and are all in the pockets of big business, , if we are ever to have peace the people must find ways to control their politicians , mind you for all i know due to secrecy and therefore causes i cant know i might have it completely wrong but it seems to me its the same ol stealing of oil/gas resources just to make already fat people even fatter even at the cost of many many lives

  9. Carl Boehm says:

    Yea, but it's November 7th and NO WW3……………… Shocker

  10. mrbooyeah says:

    Fuck you war monger trying to provoke wars … hope ya die of cancer bitch

  11. AA A says:

    Lol wasn't it supposed to start in October, now it's in November. What are they gonna say next that it's going to start in December?

  12. You're being a terrorist yourself by spreading this with your click-bait title.

  13. Steven Gee says:

    PS south china sea??? im sure thats their sea??? wow. USA think they run the world. China would really truly Kick their asses. 1.3 billion people, they need the recources no USA.s backyard? . not smart. plus USA owe china trillions of dollars?? not very respectful.

  14. Iv been hearing a lot of noise from Putin and his "fans" about how dangerous he and Russia is, yet only silence from the worlds ONLY Superpower, America…. Lol

  15. UMAR YAKUBU says:

    trump i love ivanka,

  16. Sorry but you is wrong dumbass world war 3 hasn't started so shut the hell up

  17. Dean Soings says:

    you also said that Obama would do martial law, it never hapoened. stop scaring people with bullshit, it's dumb.

  18. stop putting this shit up

  19. whispjohn says:

    The British are acting against international law by actually having troops and weapons in Syria, it is the same for any western armed forces to be there. Their rabid desire for the toppling of Assad so they can replace him with a puppet of the west and the Zionists who started all this fighting. All this about the Russians killing civilians have no basis without evidence but when the USA or any of the other western allies kill people they say it was a mistake, as if that is excuse enough. The USA are goading China into retaliation with their aggressive stance in their vicinity. It is the western NATO alliance who are trying to call the shots and thus cause a massive war.

  20. Steven Moore says:

    lies lies and more lies fear mongering

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