WW3 – Hillary Clinton Will Lead Us To World War 3 – Paul Craig Roberts


WW3 – Hillary Clinton will lead to World War 3 – Paul Craig Roberts .


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  1. valhala56 says:

    Amazing how they just delete things like FuckUshima, Flight 370, The Oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Ebola et al from the news. 

  2. Jane Millar says:

    I Believe this!   Hillary is a Murderer with Benghazi!   And she wouldn't mind seeing More Americans DIE!   All she cares about is her Progressive Ideas which are a Clear Enemy to Our American Freedoms and American Dreams!   I Pray to All Mighty GOD she doesn't win, but will be Charged for Benghazi!    Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.

  3. tony t says:

    Hillary Clinton,? Wow, does it really matter who leads who in what nation?, because if the Russians go to war with the United States, the allied world will be involved as well, so by the look of things, were all fucked why,?, because we listened to a bunch of politicians who as usual, promise the people the moon and the stars in return for their vote, and then shit on us when they get elected, fuck them all,!!!

  4. Nacho Mamma says:

    First of all, we're on the verge of WW III already, thanks to Obama.  We will not have another election, because if China succeed in collapsing the US economy, we will have societal collapse, and Obama will sign himself back into office until the "Crisis" is over.
    And if Hillary Clinton is elected, it will just go to show that American are truly STUPID!  She's a murder & a Judas to her own country.

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