WW3 Imminent | NATO Stands By Ukraine | World War 3


upcoming NATO is in Ukraine against Russian aggression . WW3 could begin this fall ! Video Courtesy of World War Brave New World 3 , …


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  1. Liars liars
    I stand up for ROSSIA
    NATO and usa are criminals


  3. leeking007 says:

    Was that a hint from god- to punch NATO's lights out ?

  4. 2:18 the croatian gay :D

  5. I think usa/nato should stop what they are doing to russia, nato doesnt have much chance against russia…merry christmas from norway

  6. Jon Jonny says:

    Russia couldn't defeat Germany in WW2 so how the fuck do they expect to defeat all the UN countries that would go against them,Russia would be undeniably and totally obliterated so Putin had better deflate his ego and think about his people,akso he should get out of the Ukraine because it does not belong to Russia.

  7. Grey Wolfe says:

    So, lets go back to Hitler's invasion of Poland..as an example. Because Germany lost WW1, they were to abide by the "Treaty of Versailles" and thus German territory was cut back and ethnic Germans ended up in places like Poland, where they were butchered and the Poles waged a German massacre.
    Hitler only ask that these displaced Germans return home. He ask over and over again, but these brutal mass killings of Germans continued. 
    I suppose he got tired of asking and took matters in his own hands and beat Poland's ASS and this sparked WW2.
    All that he asked was for these Germans to come home. Germans were always second class citizens to Europa anyway.
    Now the word annex again? Fuck NATO! They're shit stirring elites!! Putin is being demonized with the very same low propaganda tactics as was done to Hitler. 
    Stalin, FDR. and Churchill -that was all an act by each of these men to go down in history as heroes…wow.
    Stalin killed millions upon millions and didn't care what  the other "allies" thought about it. Stalin no give shit! 
    Sorry but I'm in Putin's corner. He's put up with so much crap and of course he will defend Russia..that's his job for shit sake! The so called president of Ukraine…I mean puppet..ugh.
    In closing, shove your NWO too!!

  8. k odu says:

    Putin may actually light up fire he has no control of! What an accurate prediction. Unfortunately we have reached the point of no return. This war must gi to completion. It will soon be called a nuclear war.

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