WW3 REPORT! Yes, World War 3 Is Underway, With Syria As Ground Zero


WW3 is definitely in full swing , but many still like the idea that you may wish that was not true and World War 3 It would not happen .


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  1. grant Diggs says:

    I like how the US is in their territory but gets mad when they get to close to them?

  2. DR Ir M says:

    WW3 Phase I (conventional weapons) has started a long time ago. Watch Nostradamus …. It lasted some 25-28 yrs. Then WW3 Phase II – Nuke. This expect to start anytime. In this phase everything will be destroyed including petrochemical plants so all modern day machineries will then not work. Einstein say they'll resort back to sticks etc… yeah looks like he is correct.
    Islamic eschatology have said that the Imam Mahadi and the Army from Khorasan will come on horsebacks and using swords…. many people laugh at it as they says the Muslims are back to the stone age (ie no technology) fighting the West with swords whereas the West armed with fighter aircrafts and bombs… no more, Not anymore simply because there are No Fuel and No Electricity….l destroyed by EMP….. Everybody will be on foot, horseback carrying swords etc and no plane in the air… Good Luck Everybody…!! You are still asleep!!!

  3. truth is relative

  4. I think we can say that WW3 started when a super power officially declare war on another state as what happened in WW1 when the kingdom of Austria and Hungary declared war on Serbia, and in WW2 when England and France declared war on Germany after it invaded Poland.

  5. Even if the worst would to happen, people wouldn't just forget what a gun is.

  6. open your eyes people ww3 has begun Illuminati think about that it all connects I'm 12 I wanna c what happened sure we might die but let's what the president does let's see what the world does THINK??

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