WW3 Simulation World War 3 Simulation


In my totally realistic simulation WW3 , the BNP are an entity communist … blah blah blah .


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  1. Evans -du-82 says:

    UK invade France ????xD bullshit 

  2. Derek Park says:

    Why is there so many shitty World War 3 videos? Did humanity forgot to use common sense and knowledge? This video is one of worst simulation ever.

  3. jacob bower says:

    Britain would never take over island and it would just end up in nuclear war were no one would win

  4. FS Kryptik says:

    for fucks sake another video about england winning. you are a racist  shit go back to earning £50 quid a month you ignorant twat. england will not leave the nato you asshole this is the biggest shit i have ever seen what are you smoking?

  5. Brits are crappy at fightning on the ground

  6. Britain would neger become a superpower you noob France would wipe off britains easy with germany

  7. Daniel Lyons says:

    Dumbasses watch ti the message at the end.

  8. this is fucking bullshit Britain is one of the only major powers who will try every means necessary to ensure peace we cannot sustain a major war anymore but if shit hits the fan we will always be the first to stand up to evil we was the only major power to fight nazi Germany from the very start after trying to stop it through every peaceful means necessary and as for that dick who thinks were shit on the ground. War is not won by killing everything that moves like the Americans its no surprise that even the Taliban have some respect for the British cause we will fight man to man on the ground not just send a drone to blow them up so fuck you

  9. Riley Games says:

    See there would be no need to create a new alliance between the European countries because there already is one, NATO. If the UK were to invade France every single country in NATO would declare war on the UK. 

  10. PJGSJ says:

    such a fucking bullshit, the most shittiest WW3 simulation i have ever seen

  11. Jonas H. says:

    uk invades france? uk invades Germany? im sorry but uk would loose a fight against a piece of bread XD

  12. why in the center of the uk flag is ussr

  13. SSMateuszSS says:

    I love how my country (Poland) has all the colors possible. Poland is stronk! Poland can into space!

  14. dA nUbS says:

    Moist reaielisticy virad evrya

  15. Luke Johnson says:

    What is this and why would the UK invade other countres I'm from England this video is dumb

  16. jora azbel says:

    and then the apes take over the world and the becomes the planet of the apes xD

  17. so basically britian, yugoslavia, and russia all go psycho nationalistic and partition europe- and the US just sits there?

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