WW3*** UPDATE – OCTOBER, 23, 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We can pray together for PEACE. Playlist with all related videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjoJ01VfyaMLdgCNOlTbi-2jjRg7qFh6Q …


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  1. Crazy boy says:

    world war 3 will never start .

  2. Paul Davis says:

    obama, full of promises, and doesnt fulfill anything, hes a puppet for the builderberg group, rothchilds, and the shadow bankers govt

  3. Tigerlie says:

    This corrupt criminal must be sentenced 4 life. his government is only to start a authoritarian isis terror state, globally.
    we need Trump or the world is over.

  4. jihads cannot be rehabilitated honestly are our leaders incompetent? Giving them cars, money,accomodation and jobs? WTF is this ? The returning jihads are laughing at this. Infact you are doing them a fucking favour you morons!!!! I am terrorist can you give me a few grand? Promise i wilI tow the line and not bomb anyone oh and I need a new house plus a car and a good job that will pay me well! No you wouldn't you would have me detained and probably tortured!!! ps. I'm not a terrorist but I'm just making a point!

  5. Steve A says:


  6. MUST SEE; Amazing racist picture of Hillary and Bill Clinton,
    https://youtu.be/QbHxuLDgPs8 Hillary calls Donna Brazil “Brain dead Buffalo”
    Hillary wears black face as a costume, as bill dresses as a hillbilly slave owner.

  7. Sam Plank says:

    Putin is just butthurt because the Russian economy is failing rapidly. This talk of war with the USA is bullshit. He should give Crimea back to the Ukraine, stop bombing Aleppo, and stop killing anyone who does not agree with him. maybe then the sanctions will be lifted from his country.

  8. ThirdLantern says:

    I just hope the Russians understand that the crimes and provocations of the U.S. regime does not represent the will and heart of its people. The Obama/Clinton separatists are pushing for war, but Citizens are not.

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