WW3 (World war 3) ITS COMING


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  1. Blumbus23 says:

    If britain ruled the world there would not be a WW3 (doesn't have to be britain but I would prefer it to be)

  2. jstnjns8927 says:

    I would agree if "everyone" was going to benefit from global governement. Its just not a plan for the private bankers of the world.

  3. loping lobo says:

    Did the Irish finally ratify the Lisben Treaty? The Irish were the last holdouts…

  4. very very very very good video (:

  5. Everyone knows that the USA is trying to control the world and the "NATO" is supporting them,by giving them excuses for attacking small countries.
    They always manipulate media and the rest of the world motherfuckers

  6. ascarifx says:

    just dont fuck with my take aways i love mcdonald's!

  7. baitcat says:

    I have never heard so much bullshit in all my life. Where is this guys evidence. Britan has no money left. The British troops in Afganastan are poorly under equiped. The American soldiers have nicked named us the Borrowers because everytime we encounter each other we have to take loads of their stuff. We are even borrowing ammo. What world dictator country sends it's troops into battle without enough bullets????? get real mate, And America DOES need to commit fully towards the eco crisis!!!!!

  8. Narow Ar says:

    who knows that is maybe just a cover up ^^ if you are planning on taking over the world ofc you pretend to be poor so noone expects u to be powerful duh :P

  9. baitcat says:

    Trust me, when the Euro started it was nearly 2 Euros to the pound, today it's nearly one a piece. There is pretending to be poor and there is the shear obvious. Britan is trying to tell everyone that it is OK, but the evidence ( and I mean the real, non-bullshit, conspiricy, x-files crap) is staring us in the face. British banks will eventually have to switch to the Euro if this continues.

  10. Is this guy for real?!? The UK are controlling everything? THE UK?!?! LMAO!

    We have ZERO influence in Europe and we're practically bankrupt!

    Actually, I'm not sure why I'm laughing…

  11. i wanna smoke what hes smking

  12. okan931 says:

    india is NOT strong but realy out of money

  13. Tyler Watson says:

    WWIII: People vs. Government

  14. maespip says:

    Sorry but the biggest treat to the world is Islamization! Look to Europe. Even Turkey is pushing to join the E.U.. Wat they have to do with Europe??

  15. @ImplodedToad lololol

  16. This gentleman has clearly not read the Lisbon treaty. I Might not agree fully with the treaty, still this is probably one of the most unfounded claims I've ever heard.

    British Empire ???? This shows a disconnection from reality which is shameful.

  17. All of you should watch 'Tomorrow when the war began'

  18. PvM Gameboy says:

    for all you fucking crazy ass people this is never going to happen 2012 is not real ww3 will not happen if anything happens it's going to be santa comeing down and killing all of us :)

  19. 1SparkyG says:

    Stupid cunt, wall street jews are taking over usa not Britain u stupid cunt.

  20. Kes Bomber says:

    The Stinks egt all nuclear weapons in Europe
    If nuclear bombs will be thrown (probably will not)
    But as happens, Europe will die

    As it happens I get involved in a cyber war Fuck USA


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