The final episode of our series shows the events of World War 3 the next of Dajjal . Thank you all for watching , please like , share and subscribe if you …


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  1. Shariff Bai says:

    MashaAllah…JazakAllah khair to iHALAQA for uploading this series coz.. Alhamdulillah, i've started analising these END of time agendas for quite some time thru Shiekh Imran Hossien and other sources and i would like to say that THIS IS THE BEST SERIES that elaborates Islamic Eschatology and The End Times….May Allah Bless you for your blessed effort….Takbir !!!

  2. Hardik Bhatt says:


  3. abdia500 says:

    Am getting confused. How can this dude predict when this malhama thing will take place? 

  4. MrNonGod says:

    The fact of the matter is that we have destroyed ourselves many times throughout history and the possibility of that happening again is just that a possibility. Any idiot can predict the end of the world. I'm not calling your prophet an idiot just that these predictions are nothing special. Even if they are something special it does not make them holy. Scientist have already predicted MANY things such as the earth being totally destroyed by the sun far into the future, hurricanes, asteroids, species extinctions and the list goes on but does that make them prophets…absolutely not. Can we do something about it absolutely yes. We can overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

  5. HorusCervelo says:

    When he talks about the dream he revealed at the Conference in Iran during September, does anyone know what year that was?

  6. John Jarman says:

    Such hogwash. Blaming the slaughter of innocents on everything but the problem. ISLUM. Now I'm expecting a backlash but the truth is hard for many to accept. It was Muslims that wore hoods and attacked those people. Anyone thinking it is some Zionist conspiracy are just not looking at the truth. 

  7. I don't believe this guy is a prophet or anything but I always thaught the end of the world would be like this

  8. we all know. no one survive. not even Israel were we have a Nuke war.

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