WWK3 #01 B-2 Stealth Bomber – World War K in Kerbal Space Program with Mods


K World War he returned to Kerbal Space Program ! This time we create a Stealth bomber B – 2 to attack a tank battalion MechJeb . Support me as well …


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  1. Do you still have this craft? And if you do, can you upload it to KerbalX or other similar sites?

  2. wat mods are you uzing

  3. How do you get all of the old mods to work?

  4. Andrew bacon says:

    B2 s are drones I use them in the American military

  5. Andrew bacon says:

    Everything else is correct 

  6. My solution would have been low yield Nuclear Missiles.

  7. Ryusho Yosei says:

    Looking this over, I think the Throttle Controlled avionics mod would of helped a lot, as it actually does a lot of the steering with variable throttle automatically for you.

    Also I noticed one of the kerbals in the vehicle is alive as you approach, you can see their name, I believe its Bilsby Kerman, Oh you see him, Bilble

  8. JoseRocker35 says:

    your b 2 should really be b 1

  9. GANICX , says:

    where do you download your mods from can you give me a link for that bombs tanks….

  10. AceOfSpace says:

    World war 3Ks lol

  11. Adam Wilson says:

    when is the next ep

  12. You are a master of landing

  13. Teach everybody that has ksp how to land

  14. ali dashti says:

    What mods you use

  15. emile says:

    the sideways flying is actually quite realistic it is just the fact that you don't have a rudder

  16. Adam Wilson says:

    where is the next ep

  17. arknid sine says:

    could we have the save file for the ship so we could try and fly it?

  18. James Beit says:

    when will he upload his next
    wwk video?

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