WWK3 #04 Destroyer – World War K in Kerbal Space Program


This week World War K 3 in Kerbal Space Program assume corvette MechJeb Lock the space center with a catamaran -style Destroyer warship !


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  1. King 1503 says:

    Is there a place I can download this ship

  2. Matias Yp says:

    That is fucking awesome…….

  3. You were using 0.90 KSP right :I

  4. Gerry G says:

    Make a ac130 

  5. Send a laser canon into orbit

  6. Enzo Lalama says:

    Is this games for ps3

  7. Nikolai Tsar says:

    Im not sure, so ksp "war" is a mod yes? Does it mean that all of this is scripted? like of course some parts are obviously of choice but like in the last part was it scripted to be a naval ship were he was returning back to base?

  8. what mod did you use for that lander or placing the ships directly into the sea

  9. I say you should build an aircraft carrier. It would be extremely hard but i think you would find a way.

  10. Nevermind. Didnt see the next one.

  11. Sam Fisher says:

    The moment your ship gets hit and set on fire is so cool!

  12. What mod do you use that makes the engines catch fire when they "blow up"?

  13. I call your ship the cobra because the front of it looks like one

  14. Divad says:

    So, by semi-stealth design, you mean something like the Zumwalt? Because what you made looks almost exactly like the Zumwalt.

  15. what mod does he use to land in a specific place

  16. Nigel Craven says:

    enter elysium u should hack a config file of a bd armory and change its blast radius and blast power to like a TATICAL NUKE LOL

  17. In the next episode make MJ drop a nuke on the space center!

  18. Sweden is the best!

  19. finally the missions are succeeding!

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