WWK3 #06 Dogfight – World War K in Kerbal Space Program


This week World War K 3 in Kerbal Space Program that we find our biplanes are no match for modern jets and missiles and build a acrobatic fighter


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  1. You barely up load these please do more vids of this seiries

  2. Can anyone tell me how you set up ai so you can have dog fights? What mod do you use and how do you set it up?

  3. Ben Leonard says:

    very nicely done would love to have both planes in my hanger

  4. Felixia S says:

    How did u make the kerbals talk

  5. Josh Cronin says:

    14:50 "God damnit Gus!"

  6. Yeah. Not gonna use the dual engine cuz it's ugly. Nice prioritisation there friend c

  7. Ben Sokol says:

    what about searching for jeb?

  8. J Griffin says:

    These kerbals sound sorta like Jeffrey :D

  9. Ryusho Yosei says:

    Jeb will never die! Doesn't matter what happens, close is never enough, Only counts in HOrseshoes and hand grenades, Missiles don't count so he is fine! :P

  10. Ryusho Yosei says:

    I love the battle chatter, Though I do wish it had subtitles, or was a little easier to understand.

  11. can you plz put up a download for the biplane

  12. Micah Z says:

    One of your planes were suicidal

  13. for your next episode buyld a masiv boat

  14. looks a bit ugly !? i love it!

  15. Will Reid says:

    i love how his in a biplane but has a gau gatling gun it just makes me laugh

  16. But previously you used jets. Then you go to biplanes? What?

  17. I also have problems getting high

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