WWK3 #07 F-22 vs F-35 Ground Attack – World War K in Kerbal Space Program


This week World War K 3 in Kerbal Space Program back to the runway island with an improved design to enter into a new aircraft multirole MechJeb and …


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  1. VegardTube says:

    EE omg I swear, I'm done. I'm done with this channel. Too many canceled series… WWK2 now this, wow.

  2. how did you get your aircraft to fly in a squadron?

  3. SMJ says:

    Was that kerbalised combat shotcalling a mod or just a person talking over it?

  4. Tristen Epps says:

    please make more videos in this series

  5. yona yosefi says:

    bro … its been like 3 months since previous video , can you pleas upload another one ?

  6. I have an idea! A squadron of MRFs to engage aircraft an a submarine or a ship to engage ground targets. SUBBED!!!

  7. Udeadhell08 says:

    You just hate America because u criticize everything!

  8. Noah Ceraldi says:

    They should stop production on the F-35 and F-22 and just start dishing out YF-23 "Black Widow's", it was in the production race against the F-22 and only got beat by a small margin. However it was better in every way

  9. Ethan Seale says:

    You ended the series?!?! (It's not in his "current series")

  10. David Hsslam says:

    Can anyone help me with bd when I use it my game just crashes and I Carnot do Anything

  11. more world war k eps

  12. Adam Wilson says:

    when is the next ep is the seris abandaned

  13. I'm unsubscribing now

  14. will EE make more wwk3's?

  15. James Diaz says:

    your conclusion that the F-35 is crap, is wrong. the article is BS, no one quoted has actually flew the F-35. The senerio is a third-party simulation lacking the complete performance specs, much of which is classified. Each variant are designed for each branch, the Marines have the lift fan, the Navy has a stronger airframe and larger control surfaces, the Air force is thinner, and lighter for strike and interception roles. it's not the exact same airframe for each branch. also your own royal Marines, who have started training in the fighters love them. So I'll wait on judgement until they finally see combat and know for sure how they perform in the real world.

  16. Evan Avots says:

    A lot of the things you said in the video about the F-35 isn't very inaccurate. Everyone just compares the Jet to other Air Superiority Fighters, and this doesn't make any sense. The F-35 is never going to be without F-22 support. And no, the F-35 will not be Air Superiority. Ever. So the points tu stated are invalid.

  17. NeonCraft says:

    is there any more

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