X-Men Apocalypse Decals ● AirAsia X A330-300 & Emirates A380 – Landing at Melbourne Airport (9M-XXU)


Two stunning sunrise arrivals in a matter of 5 minutes! AirAsia X have recently placed decals on one of their A330’s, promoting the new X-Men movie. Paying us …


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  1. Beautiful sunset mate, awesome work big like :)

  2. you're one of those planespotters on YT who absolutely deserved it to gain so many subscribers in such a short time. another excellent video from you!

  3. Absolutely fantastic footage mate! Excellent work as usual!

  4. Syed Hoque says:

    Nice! 🙂 Today's Donald Trump's 70th Birthday. If elected he'd be the oldest US President since Ronald Reagan.

  5. Awesome catch of these two heavy Airbus aircraft. Perfect filming and lighting!

  6. Great video mate! The first shot was magical

  7. CSpotting says:

    Wow, the first seconds were so outstanding! Of course the whole video is great, liked a lot mate! :)

  8. The rich sunrise at the start was a beautiful way to begin the video! And the golden light on the A330 and the A380 on finals were excellent too. A big like from me!

  9. Wow! Great catch of A330, my friend! Liked! █▐▐▐█

  10. Awesome video man 🙂 That lighting was just something else. Great work!

  11. Some more wonderful shots! I haven't been lucky enough to catch XXU in the X-Men livery yet. It comes during the week so I'll never have a chance :P

  12. Great video mate! I like that new decal :)

  13. chuks says:

    Fantastic Sunrise spotting mate! The Airasia X livery fits well with promotion of the X-Men movie dacals – Superb catches! Liked a lot! :)

  14. LGW340 says:

    Incredibly smooth, really nice

  15. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SOO MUCH I WANT TO PLANE SPOT TOO, I might be going to O'Hare to plane spot for my birthday

  16. jemi1210 says:

    Nice livery

  17. 99carnot says:

    Lighting and airplane both amazing, and the in-trail at the beginning was great. Liked and have a good day!

  18. Beautiful opening shot mate! I can guess you didn't look directly at the sun, the livery really fits the A330. Great catch!

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