Xanadu and the illuminati cardgame



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  1. Enrique says:

    Dit maakt het gelijk duidelijk voor de mensen die dit voor het eerst zien ? Goed bezig hoor! ik doe zelf 7 jaar inmiddels research en je komt de raarste dingen tegen.


  2. captguy14u says:

    Same thing happens with my mouse..odd…great work !

  3. We must pray for many for discernment now of the signs of the times to resist the wickedness and diabolical disorientation.

  4. Great coverage and points about predictive programming and their Rituals. Further, I have used a few of these cards to underscore these staged events; the game costs a lot, but one can find them online. Also, so sad about the Still Slumbering Sheeple…not to mention, I just did a video on the latest Paris PSYOP. Namaste

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