YOSTA Livepor 60 VTC Vape Kit & iGVi R2 RTA Review


I love this little mod, it has many functions to my surprise. YOSTA Website: http://www.yostatech.com/ YOSTA Facebook: …


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  1. Ian Thomas says:

    Look forward to hearing how the weekend went. Perhaps you could do a vlog? Anyway hope enjoy it Zophie.

  2. Great review as always, your amazing.

  3. seems like a good set up. thanks for the video

  4. Looks nice. Hope you have a great weekend. :-)

  5. Jose Bustos says:

    Classy looking little guy.?

  6. Jose Bustos says:

    I can see my 22mm Moonshot nano on this nice looking Mod. ?

  7. Juanita Rios says:

    have you received the smok alien kit, waiting on your review on this product

  8. SEXY BEAST says:

    What's your favorite color?

  9. deb c says:

    you can vape me wink wink

  10. Jose Bustos says:

    Question. Can I get the Mod only? if so where? ?

  11. have you ever done a reveiw on the snubnose rda? ive been seeing some reveiws but none any good and i was wondering if it was worth the money

  12. Cool little mod when you said change wattage in temp mode almost had a stroke.

  13. semen vait says:

    рыжая красотка

  14. nasser ahmed says:

    thank you iam very happy when I watch you

  15. Im not an internal battery type of girl but great review Zoph. It was great meeting you today at CT Vapor Trail and thanks for helping a small fellow female reviewer out. You are the sweetest and wish you all the best. xooxo

  16. Tungsten? A metal even more poisonous than nickel. Brilliant. So much for harm-reduction.

  17. Does she have a sc?

  18. paul o says:

    At 7:00 you count "3, 2, 1"

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