You Are Watching A Movie – Called World War III – The David Icke Videocast


David Icke talks about the film is that World War 3 Extended Version available from / davidickeondemand / 147124540 or …


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  1. jamesmasonic says:

    Russia is bombing the moderate oppositions who are against Assad regime and call all these groups terrorist. Turkey supported these groups but never ISIS.

  2. jamesmasonic says:

    According to your conspiracy theory "some people" have bad plans and are changing the world in the direction of micro-chipped populations. Okay lets believe there is such group and they have that agenda. Imagine you are one member of this team. Would you dedicate your short life on this purpose which maybe your grand grand son's will see the utopia. Why would you do that. Wouldn't that be nonsense? Since there is no immediate benefit. Or maybe they are immortal aliens.

  3. 2learneasy says:

    well said david

  4. even if the penny drops how do you suggest we could sort this out??

  5. Thanks David, great video !

  6. Thank you.My respect and greeeting from Serbia.

  7. You are quite, "long in the tooth", on this one, friend, however, the Information is Appreciated and quite Sound.

  8. RomikOnLine says:

    all evil comes from Zionist jewish mafia called Chabad Lubavitch. They are behind all the mayhem that's been happening since at least 1917

  9. danny eaton says:

    I heard an interesting story about you when I spoke to a man who lives near you , he was a teacher and came to my school I said to him that he looked like you and he said isn't that funny because Im friends with a couple who was the babysitter for your children when reporters and people were swarming your home at the time when you was all over media. he said you was crazy like the typical person and at this time I was still at school, I just said your a repeater and the reason why children are manipulated nowadays and following in the continuous cycle of ignorance and allowing these evil leaders to control our lives and dictates whether we eat or not, he just didn't acknowledge it and repeated. You know there's just some people who can't be explained to, anyway love what your doing and I'm with you all the way.

  10. Nice!!

    I think if they actually get to world war 3 and it goes nuclear, that they may have blown their own hands off, as there will not be much left for them to control. Perhaps it is the threat of it that will be used to manipulate everyone into submission – as a scorched and irradiated planet is not going to be much use to them for the next several decades, at least? In addition, Israel will more than likely be wiped from the map by both sides.

    This is why culmination of these supposed plans bothers me, even though there is no doubt they are shafting all the people in the meantime.

    There is a line in Good Will Hunting that says something like – "it is the purpose of the intelligence agencies to keep all the wars manageable." If this goes off, then that will have failed and we will be left with a post-apocalyptic world. I know they are pure evil and nasty, but I think they may be a little selfish to follow through with such a possibility as they will then have nobody to dominate and administrate, and they will be left without a population to feed off.

    Of course, there is the possibility that they are so psychopathic that they do feel such a course of action would be worth it in order to try and enforce their ideology, but that would really mean they are opposing sides and not under the control of the same entity.

    If that is or even if it is not the case, but some are still willing to follow through, then we may all be proper fucked.

  11. GWLAD says:

    yes david kelly that factor should have bitten blair on the arse it still could

  12. OzzzY OzzbO says:

    David Blair and Tony Cameron Yes!!!!! I totally agree!!!!

  13. Just left the military, I wonder if i'll get called up.

  14. David, you forgot to mention that the Russians had already communicated their operations that day to the USA counterparts telling them exactly where they would be, what heights they would be operating at and what times they would be there… giving the USA the exact coordinates of the full operations Russia was to carry out that day. The Turks were WAITING for them… PLUS the fact that Kerry had already told turkey that it would be justified in shooting down Russian planes …… (about 2 weeks ago! ) So it was a complete setup from A to ZZZ

  15. do you think a little human will be alive in 25 years?

  16. andres diaz says:

    Totally rigth…

  17. I think it's done mainly so the old Eton brigade can use up some of their arms so they can then come to some lucrative deals with arms supply companies they have shares in to supply more arms and if they have any arsenal left over they can sell it to factions who can give it to isis, that's why they won't send in ground troops, it cost to much and they can't make anything out of it.

  18. Brad Fuller says:

    While D.I. can be "out there" (who knows he may be absolutely correct) regarding outer space I find his earth bound thoughts and thinking to be spot on, lucid and very compelling in truthfulness and often link to these talks he gives. Cheers to David Icke.

  19. vlad013 says:

    Ww3 is inevitable but not this soon may be another 3 decades or so

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