You Can Get Ebola from a Toilet Seat

Modern toilets are especially dangerous
The New York Times admits it.

You Can Get Ebola from a Toilet Seat

You can end up infected with the Ebola virus if you use a bathroom used by an Ebola patient.

In general, the disease risk of toilet seats is overrated, but you probably can get Ebola from a toilet seat.

The risk is not so much the seat itself as the whole bathroom. But not just any bathroom. The risk would come from a bathroom that an Ebola victim in an infectious phase has recently used.

The field hospitals run by Doctors Without Borders in Africa are laid out so that patients who definitely have Ebola never share toilet facilities with staff members or with patients who are only “possible” cases.

Dr. Donald McNeil Jr., writing for the newspaper, says modern toilets are especially dangerous.

In modern buildings, toilets that flush loudly and powerfully are a risk in themselves. The flushing create a mist of droplets that splash onto the face and hands or may contaminate stall surfaces.

Should we expect a CDC bulletin on this?

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  1. Serf says:

    The Western toilet is bad for health because of the unnatural position needed to use it. Squat toilets will become more common due to health issues.

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