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  1. This site has 147 views according to McGoogle…If this site had 2,000,000 views —Youtube would still list it as 147 views…

  2. Government is a fiction. Government are people who make you believe that you need them at the point of a gun…They go out of their way to convince you that you have to have them…Because you don't. They bombard you all day long with shit that don't matter (TV-Sports Music for idiots) while behind the scenes they are murdering-stealing and lying you blind. Election voting the same 1 party-DemRepubs-is a joke ,because the political whores have already been selected by your owners.

  3. Jacquie61 says:

    They did win the House and the Senate in November.  But they have not done anything.  Both Parties are the Same.  It is nothing more than a DC CIRCUS.  Wake Up people! 

  4. MATRIX FEEDS says:

    Keep it up, good stuff….you're pretty funny too.

  5. janet witt says:

    kill them kill them all

  6. 7NoSaint says:

    If there's a more pitiful excuse of a man it's… I'm sorry, I'm about to be sick. Peace, love and appreciation.

  7. Mark H says:

    Romney care was like only 48 pages..

  8. Marney Cohen says:

    Presidents are chosen…your votes don't mean a thing…big stage act to make you believe your vote counts!

  9. Pure Cain says:

    cool video… educational…

  10. Anna Katsha says:

    love this. very good!

  11. Dinah Reeder says:

    I don't care for this guys running commentary on everything! Just show the video and shut up!

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