Youtube Reviews The Arrivals (pt.1)



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  1. the7thwreck says:

    there are no words worthy.

  2. Put a dictionary in front of me and i still wont be able to describe how amazing your series has been.

  3. Livingvibe says:

    Hey man, great comment and great effort with the translation! keep up the good work!


  4. Samet Akman says:

    I Recordet 3 things in a Catholic Church!!!
    1. a "A" over a door
    2.One Lion and a Horse like the symbol on cigarrets on 2 Windows,Church Windows
    3.And the One-Eye-Pyramid

    Should i send this 3 videos to Noreagaaa or someone else???Or should i send you this 3 Videos TheArrivals2008 ???

  5. You can upload these video's to your account and share with noreaga and me and all of those who are interested. Thank you for recording.

  6. Thank you Noreaga! Watch out for the Norwegian translation of The Arrivals. Working on it!

  7. god bless u Noreaga
    u helped us all

  8. Nana QTR says:

    Ma shaa Allah
    The best change to yourself & my self
    Many thanks to Noreagaaa
    Jazak Allah khair

  9. playkai says:

    Keep Doing What you Doing !

    True Stuff

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